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文章摘要: 去美国留学在University of Georgia乔治亚大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申乔治亚大学的同学们翻译整理了乔治亚大学的学生评价,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番体验。

美国留学在University of Georgia乔治亚大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申乔治亚大学的同学们翻译整理了乔治亚大学的学生评价,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番体验。

1.Academics: UGA offers a variety of classes, and it gives the students the opportunity to take them. The FYOS (first year seminars) are designed to give freshmen a chance to take an hour a week course not associated with your major.


2.Academics: Teachers are mixed. Some really care about their students and do anything to help them succeed. Others are strictly lectures. Registration is an exciting and hectic period, however I usually get a pretty good schedule after a few days. The workload is stressful but it is manageable. Most popular study areas include MLC, Tate, and library.


3.Academics: I am a psychology major. Be prepared to be surrounded by a large and predominantly female student cohort. The requirements to complete the program are pretty straightforward. The workload is manageable, and the curriculum is pretty interesting. The Psychology building is one of the older buildings on campus, but it is still nice enough.


4.Academics: I met someone that was majoring in something similar to rocket science.. that's not the actual degree name, but it's along those lines. Science majors are more than abundant here from bio majors to rocket scientists


5.Majors: I'm a psychology major with a concentration in Neuroscience. The classes are hard but it's what I've always wanted to do. This school has one of the best programs for this and has an excellent research program and facility available to students and undergraduates to get experience in the field.


6.Majors: I haven't had an internship yet, but i do plan to have one. Participating in an internship is a great way to meet people that have bigger connections than you, and could probably offer you some advice or help you in that career field. Its like the quote that says, "Its not what you know, but who you know". Doing internships will also help you get a more likely chance of getting a good job after you graduate.


7.Majors: My program is the best in Georgia and is recognized across the country as one of the best. It is the only major at UGA with 100 percent job placement after graduation.


8.Diversity: I go to a very diverse school. There is a great ethnic/racial diversity. Everyone seems to accept everyone. I love it because it adds character to the school. Religion is also pretty wide spread which makes topics of conversation very interesting and engaging.


9.Diversity: Most people at UGA belong to a fairly well-off American background, but there is a good amount of diversity because it's such a large school. Most are white, straight, Republican, and well off financially.


10.Diversity: There is a good bit of diversity on campus- all kinds of ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, religious and political beliefs, etc. Nothing is off limits and no matter what you believe or who you are, there are accepting people there, and there is most likely an organization available to join.


11.Athletics: Nothing beats UGA athletics. With big SEC football there is an overwhelming school spirit that is unlike any other. Just watch one of Frank Martin's UGA pump up videos to catch a breathe of the bulldawg pride and fall in love with the red and black. 90,000 plus UGA fans gather every home game to rally the dawgs, with southern tailgating, a go dawgs every five seconds, and a sea of red and black cheer on the dawgs between the hedges.


12.Athletics: Although UGA is a huge football school, lots of other sports get a lot of attention too like basketball, gymnastics, baseball, etc. and the sports is really a huge part of what makes UGA so great. A UGA game is a nearly religious experience. Go Dawgs.


13.Guys & Girls: It is a school of 35,000 student. You will meet a little bit of everything. I will say that there are alot of girls into Greek and some can be stand-offish while some are friendly without a doubt. The guys are generally more outgoing than the girls, but again it just depends on the person. There are fewer artsy people that I know but I'm a business major (Maybe that's why i don't know many). Either way you will meet cool people of you be yourself and are open to meeting people


14.Guys & Girls: UGA students, collectively, are a beautiful bunch. The problem is, a significant portion of students tend toward the greek which may not be your type. College life in Athens doesn't exactly foster the environment for long-term relationships because hooking up is more common (not nearly as common as often portrayed though). The variety is not the best, but there is something for everyone I guess.

男生女生:乔治亚大学的学生,总的来说,是很漂亮的一伙人。问题是,有相当多的一部分人都去参加联谊会了,那或许不是你喜欢的类型。 Athens的校园生活方式不能培养长期的恋爱关系环境,约会是更常见的(还没有别人描述的那样常见)。多样性不是最好的,但我想每个人在这都能找到自己喜欢的东西。

15.Campus Food: For dining hall food, UGA is #blessed. One of the best things about Meal Plan is the social aspect. I probably met half of my friends in dining halls. Everyone spends there free time in Bolton. Georgia does a really good job of having variety, options, and lots of healthy variety. You can always get the food you are craving. The Niche is legendary and so good. People will wait to get into the Niche because it's that good---wood-fired personal pizzas, ready to made sandwiches, sweet potato fries, Jittery Joe's coffee, soft gooey homemade cookies. People not on meal plan will pay for the Niche. It's soooo good! O'House has good mexican food and coffee----they have their own coffee shop in the dining hall---great place to study!! Snelling is the place to late night as it's open 24/7 Monday-Thursday yay snellebration!! ECV has the most healthy options and yummy smoothies,,,,great to fuel up after a work out at Ramsey!

校园饮食:在餐厅食物方面,乔治亚大学是不错的。在就餐计划最好的地方或许是在于它的社交功能。我在餐厅几乎能遇到我一多半的朋友。在Bolton每个人都会在餐厅消耗点一些闲暇时间。乔治亚大学提供花样繁多的食物,健康食物方面做得非常好。你总能找到你期望的食物。Niche是一个富有传奇色彩的地方,食物也非常好。人们甚至愿意排队去Niche吃饭,就是因为那里的食物实在是太好吃了——炭火烘焙的披萨,即可吃的三明治,甘薯薯条,Jittery Joe's 的咖啡,软乎乎的自制饼干。甚至没有就餐计划的人也愿意花钱买 Niche的食物。那是太太太好吃了!O'House那里有非常好的墨西哥风味的食物和咖啡——他们在餐厅有自己的咖啡店——那是非常棒的学习场所。Snelling是可以一直待到很晚的地方,因为它从周一到周四是24小时营业的。太棒了!ECV 那里有最健康最爽口美味的冰沙,在 Ramsey那里学习之后,这是很好的补充能量的地方。

16.Campus Housing: UGA Housing is amazing! While I have yet to attend UGA full-time, I have visited a number of my friends at their dorms throughout my senior year, and the community is superior to most colleges.


17.Campus Housing: It is great living on campus because it is convenient and often times much safer (because you are surrounded by students most of the time). I live in ECV, so I do have to wake up a bit earlier to make sure I catch the bus in order to get to the center of campus on time - where most of my classes are. I currently live in Building 1516 and I consider it spacious enough. You share a bathroom with your roommate, but that's it! It is definitely one of the best options for a freshman. However, although Brumby and the other two high rises are some of the worst choices, the social atmosphere is much better! You get to communicate with people your year and can always socialize. Since 1516 is much farther away from the freshman dorms, and closer to the upperclassmen, you do lose some of your connections to other freshmen.

校园住宿:住校非常好,因为既方便又安全(因为很多时候,你都被学生包围着)。我住在ECV那里,所以我不用早起去赶巴士以便准时赶到中心校区,我很多的课程都是在那上的。我现在住在1516号宿舍楼,我觉得房间足够大了。你和你室友共享淋浴间,也就如此了!对大一新生来说,这绝对是最好的选择!但是,虽然 Brumby和其他两个高宿舍楼很糟糕,但是社交氛围好得多!你得和人们多交流,慢慢你也就社会化了。因为1516号宿舍楼和新生宿舍距离非常远,和高年级生宿舍更近一些,你就少了一些和其他新生交流联系的机会了。

18.Health & Safety: I have never felt unsafe on campus or downtown, but you need to be smart, especially if drinking. Athens is relatively safe, but it's not a good idea to walk places alone at night. Almost all incidents occur downtown as a result of alcohol and this just speaks to how important it is to be responsible and smart if you chose to drink.


19.Health & Safety: Female students don't walk around campus at night without a guy present, either because it isn't safe or they simply don't feel safe. The campus doesn't have those blue light posts that other campuses do, because the folks in charge seem to believe that everyone has access to their cell phones 100% of the time. They also claim that they're not needed because the sexual assaults are so few and far between. Maybe assaults are so infrequent because girls are terrified of going outside after sundown.


20.Administration: Campus police are great and always notify us immediately to ensure our safety if something happens on or near campus. UGA has a strict honor code and a violation has severe consequences. They are very very lenient with underage drinking and alcohol. The police have very much a turn the other cheek mentality.


21.Administration: I think the campus strictness is fair. It's not too strict to the point where you feel like you are not having the college experience, but it's not too lenient to the point where school feels dangerous.


22.Transportation: Transportation system at the school is awesome. You can walk to anywhere, you can take buses if you feel lazy, or you can just stay on the bus all day and it will take you anywhere you want to go, even to Atlanta.


23.Local Area: Athens is the dream college town. Great food, shopping, nightlife, churches, parks, whatever you can think of, Athens has it. I would stay here forever if I could.

本地概况: Athens是梦想中的大学城。有很好吃的美食,很棒的购物中心,有丰富的夜生活,有教堂,有公园,任何你想到的东西Athens都有。如果可以,我愿意一直待在这里。

24.Local Area: Athens is a mixed bag. The downtown and 5 points area are nice, full of life, and affluent, but the surrounding areas are poor and run down. The gap between the well to do college students and the working citizens of Athens is surprising and sad sometimes.

本地概况:Athens 就像一个混杂的大口袋!市区和 5 points那里很不错,充满生活色彩,那也很富裕;但是那四周很贫穷又衰落。富有家庭的学生和Athens工薪家庭学生之间的差距之大令人震惊!













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