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文章摘要: 去美国留学在Tufts University塔夫茨大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申请塔夫茨大学的同学们翻译整理了塔夫茨大学的学生评价,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番体验。

美国留学在Tufts University塔夫茨大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申请塔夫茨大学的同学们翻译整理了塔夫茨大学的学生评价,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番体验。

1.Academics: The professors are fantastic and inspiring. A lot of them will teach classes entirely based on their current work in a field, which is really special. However, there is no grade inflation and you will work really hard if you come here.


2.Academics: Peace and Justice Studies - you can't find it most other places, it's a small and interdisciplinary program... Get some judgment because it sounds like such a hippie major, but you legitimately learn a lot about systems of oppression and inequality.

学术:和平与正义研究 – 你在其他地方找不到,这是一个小而跨学科计划...获取一些判断,因为它听起来像这样的嬉皮专业,但你会正当的学到很多关于压迫和不平等的制度。

3.Academics: So Many Research Opportunities – Tufts has so many research opportunities for undergraduates, which is unusual for a university. The professors are generally quite good, but some are hard to get to know because of the size of the large lecture classes.

学术:如此多的研究机会 - 塔夫茨先后为本科生这么多的研究机会,这对于一所大学来说是不寻常的。教授一般都相当不错,但有些是很难去了解,因为演讲课的大小不一。

4.Majors: In this field/major, it's more about demonstrating experience than gaining any specific skills - that being said, the major allows you to cover a wide variety of issues, so you come out of it pretty aware of international and domestic affairs.

主修课程:在这个领域中/专业,它更多的是表现出经验,而不是获取任何特殊技能 - 之所以这么说,主要的可以让你覆盖各种各样的问题,所以你毕业后就会非常清楚国际和国内事务。

5.Majors: I am very happy with my program. It is very unique in that it is practical right from the start and it will change how you think about the basic things in your environment. My Professors are also very connected and hence they can make life very easy when it comes to job opportunities.


6.Diversity: The school is pretty diverse - lots of both domestic minorities and international students, and a very visible LGBT community. I'd say as far as tolerance of other groups goes, Tufts is way up there, and you'd probably be shamed or at least silently frowned upon if you weren't.

多样性:学校是非常多样的 – 有大量的国内少数民族和国际学生,和一个非常明显的同性恋社区。我会说,只要其他群体的宽容去,塔夫茨在哪儿高高在上,你可能会感到羞耻,或者至少如果你不是在默默地皱起了眉头。

7.Diversity: We have a very diverse student body-it's something admissions is very aggressive about. There are lots of international students, and students of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. There are all sorts of culture clubs that provide a positive environment. As a white, upper-class, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant male, I think that the diversity of Tufts taught me more than anything else.

多样性:我们有一个非常多元化的学生团体,允许入会需要有进取心的学生。有很多国际学生,和不同的种族和宗教背景的学生。有各种各样的文化俱乐部,提供了一个积极的环境。作为一个白种,上层阶级,盎格鲁 - 撒克逊,新教徒的男性,我觉得塔夫茨大学的多样性教给我的比什么都重要。

8.Guys & Girls: I really like the student body at Tufts, there's a lot of variability between students. There are the "typical Tufts students" who are quirky but there are all types of people on campus. I feel like many of my friend groups are with different types of people and I like that. Not everyone is the same, although within certain pockets there are common trends. Students express themselves with their clothing which I like. One thing I'll say is that diversity is somewhat lacking.


9.Guys & Girls: Girls Are Solid – I came expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised. The girls here cover a wide range but there are a lot of attractive ones for sure. Way better than expected, and I would say above average for a good school.

男孩和女孩:女孩是可靠地 - 我以最差的期待来了,结果却很惊喜。女孩们在这里涵盖广泛,但也肯定的有很多吸引人的女孩。比预期的好,而我要说高于好学校中的平均水平。

10.Administration: The administration is very strict about alcohol and drug use, which means parties are mostly broken up by 1:00am and students are afraid to get help if a friend is sick from drinking.


11.Administration: Campus parties get shut down every now and then, but it's not a huge deal. The administration is getting a little stricter with major events because there have been some pretty embarrassing incidents of mass public over-intoxication.


12.Campus Food: I enjoy the food offered in the dining halls! Dewick-MacPhie and Carmichael are the only dining halls and are located in different areas on campus. Dewick is more of a hangout for students who reside downhill whereas Carmichael is more for students who reside uphill. Nevertheless, they are both well respected by students who like different things about the two dining halls. Students enjoy the pizzas in Dewick and salads in Carmichael, for instance.

校园食品:我喜欢在食堂提供的食物! Dewick-MacPhie和卡迈克尔是唯一的食堂,位于校园内不同的区域。 Dewick更是一个为住在下坡学生聚会的场所,而卡迈克尔是为住上坡的学生准备的。尽管如此,两个食堂都深受谁喜欢不同学生的尊重。学生享受Dewick的比萨饼和沙拉卡迈克尔,例如。

13.Campus Food: The food is a bit repetitive but usually pretty good. There are always vegetarian options and a salad bar. I prefer Carmichael's friendly and small atmosphere, but Dewick has more options for food.


14.Campus Housing: Living on campus has been one of the best parts of my college experience so far. Being able to live with people who have similar interests as me and are as friendly as they are is a great way to interact and be involved in my school. The dorms also give a very welcoming feeling and made me feel very good about being away from home for theh first time. Living on campus has been an overall good experience and continues to make living at school better for me.


15.Campus Housing: Housing varies widely. There are some really huge nice rooms in not so nice dorms and vice versa. Singles especially vary a lot in size, although doubles are usually pretty spacious. Overall the dorms are nice, and I hope to live on campus all four years! Many people choose to move off campus so its rather easy to get a room no matter what year you are.


16.Health & Safety: Tufts is in a very safe location and crime/sexual assault is not a huge problem. When these things do occur, however, the administration and police department work very hard to solve the issues.


17.Health & Safety: Public safety here is great. Our police department is very helpful and always there to help you. Our health services also provide a great resource for all students on campus.


18.Transportation: Buses are always running; the joey is the most popular mode of transportation around campus. The Joey is a free bus service that usually runs every 20-30 minutes on weekdays, it stops uphill, downhill, and in the heart of davis square. It is free to everyone and can be tracked via smartphone app or website. MBTA bus services also stop along college ave and other major streets surrounding campus. Davis square hosts the T (Bostons public transit train) which costs ~$2.00 a ride, but can get you anywhere in Boston or its surrounding suburbs

交通:公交车始终运行; joey是校园周边交通最流行的模式。joey是,在平日通常每隔20-30分钟的免费巴士服务,它停在上坡,下坡,和戴维斯广场的心脏。它是免费向公众开放,可以通过智能手机应用程序或网站进行跟踪。 MBTA巴士服务也随着大学大道和校园周边等主要街道停车。戴维斯广场举办了T(波士顿的公共交通列车)花费〜$ 2.00骑,但可以让你随时随地去波士顿及其周边郊区。

19.Local Area: Davis Square is super cute and has most everything you would want. Good and diverse foods, CVS, and family dollar! Also Harvard Sq. is super close which has more great food and bubble tea. Boston feels a bit far away from campus but is great for shopping or day trips.


20.Local Area: Being near Boston is great. There is so much to do in the city and its super easy to get to using the T. Also having so many other schools in the area is nice. It means there are a lot of young college kids out there and plenty of opportunities to meet new people every day.














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