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文章摘要: 去美国留学在University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill北卡大学教堂山校区就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申请北卡大学的同学们翻译整理了北卡罗来纳大学的学生评价。

美国留学在University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill北卡大学教堂山校区就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申请北卡大学的同学们翻译整理了北卡罗来纳大学的学生评价,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番体验。

1.Academics: We have professors who have intensive field experience, which leads to some pretty interesting anecdotes during lectures! They are very open to questions and guidance on summer programs, areas of study, trouble with classes, and more. I'm interested in the alternative energies field, and my professor has already aimed me towards research and prepping for higher level courses. The workload for all my required classes is a bit much at times, but that's the expectation and it is possible to do everything.


2.Academics: UNC is very very challenging, but manageable once you get the hang of college and find your niche. It's a bit too big for its own good, so you must fight for personal attention. Many freshman and sophomore level classes are huge, and a good half of your professors will never have a clue who you are.


3.Majors: The process for getting into most majors is pretty easy--I just declared my double major in Comm and History, and that was that. I found it pretty easy to find classes for these majors, mostly because they're pretty open and laissez-faire as long as you get the requirements.

专业:进入该专业的过程是很容易 - 我只是宣布我在商学和历史的双学位,这就是。我发现它很容易找到这些专业的大多数课程,这些,只要你有要求主要的话,他们非常开放和自由放任的接受。

4.Majors: Internship Opportunity – There are lots of internship opportunities and the school sends out lots of emails about them especially to juniors and seniors. However, everyone has access to networking nights where recruiters come and can take resumes and talk to students who are interested in an internship.

专业:实习的机会 - 有很多实习机会和学校会发送大量的电子邮件特别是给大三,大四的学生。然而,在有人来招聘的时候每个人都可以访问的网络,招聘方会接受简历并学生交谈关于他们感兴趣的实习。

5.Diversity: You're going to see a lot of white people, maybe raised Christian but definitely not anymore, who are typically democrat voters. VERY few black or hispanic males (hence my low rating). Many Chinese undergraduate and graduate students, increasing but small numbers of Europeans. High numbers of Indian and Asian-american students living on campus.


6.Guys & Girls: I appreciate the diversity of the student population, but there could still be more minority students and males. Interests vary, but many adapt a "preppy" style of dress. Most of my friends are in committed relationships.


7.Administration: When it comes to serious offenses, campus administration springs into action when needed. However, when it comes to the smaller, more common offenses such as underage drinking and noise violations, it seems as if those are let go a little bit more than they should be.


8.Administration: Officers are mostly there to make sure things don't get out of control. As long as you're not being obvious or acting out of hand, there's no reason you should get in trouble.


9.Campus Food: Two dining halls. Plenty of variety although there are some off days where the food just isn't good. Also pricey depending on which plan you have. Unlimited is best plan if you eat a lot and is very convenient. Overall, its hard to say you can't eat anything any day. There is usually something good.


10.Campus Food: The food at the dining halls is pretty good. There is a variety and a great salad bar and lot of fruit. The late evening dining is better than during the day. It would be great if it was like that during the day instead of eating so late which is not healthy。


11.Campus Housing: Living on campus is great. I have lived on campus both of my years at Carolina so far and there's a great feeling of camaraderie with the people that live around you. The rooms are of decent size and the furthest you can be from main campus is about a 15 minute walk. Overall I have loved living on campus so far and I will probably continue to do it until I graduate.


12.Campus Housing: The dorms are beautiful and most of them have been updated or renovated. For a school with such a rich history and long tradition, one would expect the dorms to be a bit older and outdated than they actually are.


13.Health & Safety: It is very clear that the university cares about its students with their constant communication to the students. They also run mock scenarios with security folks to play out potential situations and for training purposes.


14.Health & Safety: Feel Comfortable Walking Around at Any Time – UNC has made large strides to ensure that its students are safe. These include emergency poles every few hundred feet and safe walkers at night. I've never felt uncomfortable walking anywhere at UNC.

健康与安全:在任何时间在周围走走都会感觉很舒服- UNC取得了很大的进步,以确保学生安全。这些措施包括紧急两极每隔几百英尺,步行者在夜间出行的安全。在UNC我从来没有觉得走在任何地方会不舒服。

15.Transportation: Campus and Chapel Hill buses are free (well, subsidized through your tuition) and run fairly regularly and conveniently throughout the week (but are greatly reduced on weekends). I had to take a bus off campus once a week last semester to volunteer and it really wasn't a hassle. Long distance transportation is a different story - the airport and Megabus stations are an expensive 40 min taxi drive away, which especially hard on the out-of-state students.

交通:校园及教堂山巴士都是免费的(当然,通过你的学费补贴),一周内的运行相当有规律和方便(但在周末就大大减少了)。我上个学期我每周都会出去一次去参加志愿者活动,真的很方便。要是长途的话就另说了 – 去机场的话需要花费昂贵的40分钟的出租车费用,对于外来州的同学更为辛苦。

16.Transportation: The buses are very convenient considering that UNC is a huge campus! There are many bus lines available that can take you from the university to popular apartment complexes and back. and it's free! You just have to keep up with the bus times.


17.Local Area: The scenery of Chapel Hill truly represents a college town and it is the most beautiful setting there is. The campus is world renowned because of its historic monuments, beautiful buildings, and wonderful surrounding area.


18.Local Area: There is no place better to go to watch an awesome sports team and be united with thousands of people who love Carolina just as much! Chapel Hill has many different places to eat for anyone. There's Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Pizza, anything you want, all on one street.


19.Off-Campus Dining: Off campus dining, especially Franklin street, is great. There are plenty of options to choose from, and especially when it gets late at night, there are plenty of delivery options for while you're up late studying. Franklin street has a mixture of casual, delicious food to ethnic food choices, to more fancy and special occasion restaurants. It's one of my favorite parts about Carolina.


20.Off-Campus Housing: Chapel Hill is pretty bad for parking in general, so it's no surprise that you have a hard time finding somewhere that allows parking, not to mention a place to park on campus. The cost is a little high, but it's manageable with a roommate. Keep in mind though that financial aid doesn't usually help towards off-campus housing.














北卡罗来纳大学——教堂山校区(University of North Carolina–​Chapel Hill)




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