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文章摘要: 去美国留学在University of Southern California南加州大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申请南加州大学的同学们翻译整理了南加州大学的学生评价。

去美国留学在University of Southern California南加州大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给准备申请南加州大学的同学们翻译整理了南加州大学的学生评价,看看学长学姐们是怎样一番体验。

1.Academics: Professors at USC are very knowledgeable and always willing to help. They will add office hours and work with you in-person if you struggle in particular topics. The academics are generally very challenging (also depends on your major), and you learn a lot from your professors. The CS curriculum is designed in a way that would make students stand out from the crowd; it has big variety of cutting-edge CS classes and core courses that will help you in your career and learning. Furthermore, it is quite easy to add a minor or double major in fields you are very interested in, and it's still possible to graduate on time. My major is CS, and it's pretty popular field in the engineering department.


2.Academics: It's impressive. Professors are usually very good instructors. Even if they aren't the absolute best you have ever seen, the professor is always professional. The workload is pretty heavy in engineering. It's difficult to really delve much into the social scene. Time management becomes more essential than ever.


3.Majors: My major is computer science. I really enjoy the overall environment in classrooms and challenging projects we are given throughout the whole semester. The best part about some projects of my program is team work and ability to use your knowledge in the projects that are very similar to the real-world applications and projects. You learn a lot from your professors as well as students.


4.Majors: USC offers a very elite program of majors. Generally engineering is always the hardest to get into. I am currently applying to the business school and that is a very daunting process. There is so much competition that it is impossible to even make one tiny mistake, However, there are a lot of different routes offered and a degree from USC always opens many doors.


5.Diversity: USC is known for accepting students all around the world. There are more international students here than any other private school. Equality is very supported on campus and it doesn't matter what ethnicity, religion gender or sexual orientation you are. Everyone can find their own place here.


6.Diversity: USC has the highest accepted number of International Students in the country. It is because of this that we have such a diverse group of classes ranging from people all around the country and the world. I enjoy our diversity as I end up living with people (as we all end up staying in the areas around school) that I would never expect to. I learn things about my own culture and the cultures of others and it only makes me want to travel and expand my world view. I have friends of all ethnicity's, backgrounds, sexual orientation and heritage and it makes my understanding of the world much broader and comprehensive.


7.Guys & Girls: there are handsome men and beautiful young women here at USC. not to say that means they're not intelligent, for we are known to excel in both studying and socializing outside of studies and partaking in extracurriculars.


8.Guys & Girls: People dress to how they feel comfortable. Of course there are people that try to impress, but most people just wear casual clothes. Most people are involved in something. Lots of people do interesting things like hiking, rock climbing, and things like that. Almost everyone is active and/or has a job or club affiliation. Many people go off and party, but there are things organized at night for people who don't party as well which is very nice.


9.Administration: The strictness depends on time and location students decide to spend their time at. There are a lot of parties going in and near the row on weekends so you cannot expect any strictness there but when it comes to drug use on campus, it is really strict.


10.Administration: Anyone can enter the campus till 9pm at night which can be a very serious issue and at times gives a feeling of insecurity. After 9pm, you need your college ID to enter the campus. The security service provided by the university is pretty good, especially the campus cruiser service after 6pm till 3am in the morning


11.Athletics: The extra perks of being an athlete is amazing. We get free tutors and priority scheduling. This way we are able to successfully continue our education while earning the school revenue. I really enjoy the free gear we get. Almost all of our sports teams are the best in the country. Fan support could be better but there is still support present. The facilities are beyond amazing. The pool is brand new and there are talks of refurbishing the track field. Also, athletics provides job opportunities to fit the busy schedule of a student-athlete


12.Athletics: School spirit is huge here. The football team gets the most obvious support, but other sports have good followings as well. All students are encouraged to participate in sports, either as athletes at any level or as spectators.


13.Campus Food: There are a lot of little cafes around campus that are hit or miss. Camilleri and Popovich are good, as is Nektar. The food at campus center is especially good, like Lemonade, Seeds, and Verde. The trojan meal plan is too much food for anyone, don't get it unless you wanna buy all your friends meals for days. Theres no point in getting a meal plan after freshman year


14.Campus Food: The two dining halls, Parkside and Cafe 84, usually offer a nice meal to those with meal plans. The places like Lemonade and Nektar are fun little places to go occasionally. They are very high priced though. A great option for athletes is either John McKay or Little Galen. There, we get healthy snacks such as fresh fruit or whole wheat bagels.


15.Campus Housing: The dorms are amazing. Living on campus is easy and fun. So many activities and events happen 24/7. The food isn't that great, but the social atmosphere is good. DTLA is pretty expensive so be prepared for that. On campus housing is only garunteed to fall freshmen, after that the lottery can be difficult, but there is a lot of amazing off-campus but close apartment options that are sponsored by the school

校内住宿:宿舍是惊人的。住在校园里是方便和乐趣。因此,许多活动和事件发生在24/7。食物是不是很大,但社会氛围还是不错的。 DTLA是相当昂贵,因此请做好准备。在校园的住房只garunteed下跌新生,在此之后,彩票是很困难的,但有很多惊人的校外,但接近公寓选项是由学校主办

16.Campus Housing: The dorms are about what you would expect at a college, maybe a bit smaller and older. The Parkside dorms are newer and nicer but a inconvenient location. New/north is fun but loud, definitely the best option for guys since they can't always get into parties. I think any housing in the north east corner of campus is good - pardee, marks tower, new/north. If you can be in Birnkrant definitely do that.

校内住宿:宿舍是你所期望的大学,也许有点小或者旧。该柏丽宿舍是新的和良好的,但一个不方便的位置。新/北面是有趣,但响亮,绝对是你们最好的选择,因为他们不能总是参加聚会。我觉得在校园的东北角任何住房是好的 - 帕迪,标志塔,新/北。如果你能在Birnkrant绝对做到这一点。

17.Campus Housing: I love everyone I'm surrounded by. Scholarship housing is great. There are many many perks living where I live and there's a good balance of studying and socializing.


18.Health & Safety: If you're alone there are a lot of options to ensure your safety. There are always DPS officers around campus and they can escort you at night. The dorms are extremely safe because there are a lot of security measures in place to even get in. The main crime on campus is theft so you just have to be smart about watching your possessions. Most of the sexual assault problems happen on the Row and often involve drugs and alcohol so make sure that you're being smart when going to parties and travel in groups of friends that you trust to look out for you.


19.Health & Safety: There are many security guards located around the campus and they make sure that all students are safe. There are many great ways the security administration used to make sure that each student is aware of the accidents happening near the campus. Even though the area further away from campus is not as safe, I feel very safe and secure around the campus due to span safety and security provided to students.


20.Transportation: The shuttle systems are a mess and off timing consistently. However, the school offers a service called "Campus Cruise" which is a shuttle operating from 6pm-3am to avoid drunk driving and long dangerous walks. This system is phenomenal and convenient where as our shuttle systems are rather unorganized and annoying.

交通:定期班车真是一团糟和有时会停运。然而,学校提供了一个名为“校园漫游”服务,这是一个从定期班车6 pm-3am操作,以避免酒后驾车和长期危险的散步。该系统是惊人的,方便的地方为我们这种对班车系统感觉很乱很烦的准备的 。

21.Local Area: It's the heart of LA guys. Not Beverly Hills, but art museums, food trucks, Koreatown, and the history of it all. My favorite part is all the foods one can sample in a quick walk around downtown. The Staples Center is right there if you're into sports. Events are there if you keep an eye out. I'll admit you have to look a bit for stuff as it's not the tourist oriented part of town, but that stuff would get old quick. Just go exploring because even open minded guidebooks (People's Guide to LA, highly recommended) don't list the best food and coolest shops.


22.Local Area: USC has its ups and down. The immediate area is quite nice, with quite a few guards stationed at the corners. However, the surrounding area is quite dangerous, and crime often leaks into the areas. I generally feel safe in the patrolled areas at USC, but it's still not a good idea to wander around at night. Fortunately there are campus cruisers and escort services that aid students that have to work late on campus.















南加州大学(University of Southern California)




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