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文章摘要: 在New York University 纽约大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了纽约大学的留学体验,给申请纽约大学的同学们参考。

在New York University 纽约大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了纽约大学的留学体验,给申请纽约大学的同学们参考。

1.Academics: We basically have the option to take anything we chose. Even for general education classes we can chose from a wide variety of science and humanities. All of the professors I have encountered are committed to helping students succeed by challenging us. The registration process is stressful, it would be anywhere. The workload is challenging but not impossible. The study abroad options are incredible even for my specific program.


2.Academics: The academics are amazing. All the professors actually care about the students and are always want to help whenever they can. But the workload is very rigorous, there is so much to do and it feels like there isn't any time to do it.


3.Majors: The film program here is phenomenal. Every professor is overly qualified and willing to put their time in to make sure the students are getting what they need. While there is a lot of work dedicated to weekends or after class, that's what filmmaking is. The school makes internships available.


4.Majors: NYU offers a wide variety of majors and through the Gallatin School it is possible to have a concentration in almost anything. People have majored in things such as the color blue and smiling. As silly as they may sound NYU is able to make any major accessible and relatable.


5.Diversity: NYU is overall very diverse. We have a lot of international students from very different backgrounds. We also have students who associate with a variety of sexual orientations. From my experience, we have a lot of non-religious students here, however, I do know a few seriously religious students as well. I think with such a large, diverse student body there is an active group for students of each religion to associate with. We do lack diversity in some ways, as well. Politically, the school is largely liberal, and due to the cost of attendance, the majority of students, especially international students, are of high economic status.


6.Diversity: Lots of diversity, NYU really looks for people of different background, and being NYC, a lot of queer and unconventional people are attracted to the liberal atmosphere. But being an expensive school, there's a lot of rich kids here. Not everyone is, but NYU isn't known for it's generous scholarships.


7.Guys & Girls: Students dress however they feel like it, but being in the city most people dress nice or casually. No one ever looks like they're in pajamas. Students are good-looking, but there is a great amount of gays and lesbians - which is totally fine, but if you're straight it's hard to find a partner on campus.

男孩和女孩:学生们穿着他们喜欢的感觉,但在城市是大多数人穿得好看或随便。从来没有见过谁穿睡衣。学生都长得不错,但有大量的同性恋者- 这是完全正常的,但如果你是直的,很难找到在校园的合作伙伴。

8.Guys & Girls: It's a pretty typical liberal, big-city campus. Everyone tends to bustle about in their groups. People tend to be friendly, wave if they notice you. Washington Square Park is always taken over.


9.Administration: NYU pretty average as far as strictness across the board. If you get caught drinking in the dorms you can get written up. If you get written up several times you may have to face disciplinary action. Same as any other school. Guest policies are pretty simple. You just need to sign your guest in and out and everyone is happy. I had a friend that went over the sleepover limit one month and the only thing that happened was she got an email from our RA. Nothing really came of it.


10.Campus Food: It's relatively expensive, and there aren't many options. It may have to do with the fact that I'm from Europe and the food there is infinitely better in general terms, but I didn't like the dining hall food that much. Getting a meal plan shouldn't be mandatory. Or at least freshmen should be allowed to get meal plans with less meals even if they don't live in apartment style housing—we always have lots of meals left over. If they're going to force us to buy too many meals, then at least make it cheaper.


11.Campus Food: The campus dining has an excellent variety to choose from, as there are about 5 dining halls with different types of food to choose from (ie. Italian, American, Japanese, Thai, vegetarian, etc.). There are also several Starbucks, Dunkin' Donuts, and other chain stores on campus. However, the only late-night dining hall option available is a burger studio.


12.Campus Housing: The cost of most freshmen dorms is really good. I am leaving on a 5th ave address for pretty cheap. It's also really close to campus. However, things start getting more and more expensive and they keep getting further away from campus in upper class dorms. And the housing selection process is a joke. Almost all rooms were full for me (even if I had highest priority because I'm a freshman). I can't even imagine what it's gonna be like next year.


13.Campus Housing: It is so nice and convenient to live in the dorms. There is so much a student gains when they are immersed in the complete college experience. It is easy to meet with professors and students and focus your time and energy into your classes. Living on campus is the best and I recommend it to all my friends who are applying to colleges.

校内住宿:宿舍条件很好也很方便. 这么多学生都沉浸在获得完整的大学生活里。这很常见教授和学生一起把你的时间和精力投入到你的课程当中。住在校园里是最好的选择,我把它推荐给我所有申请大学的朋友。

14.Health & Safety: The police is very good on campus, although they take a bit of time and are sometimes late to arrive. The student's safety is all dependent on themselves; alcohol is not a major issue, but does lead to victims getting into unforgiving situations at parties or with friends outside campus.

健康与安全:警方是在校园里很不错的,虽然他们需要一点时间,有时迟到。学生的安全是全部依赖自己; 酒精不是一个大问题,但是确实会导致受害者进如一个无法忘记的聚会或者在校外与朋友一起。

15.Health & Safety: Overall I feel very safe at NYU, even though it's in such a big city. Campus security is around a lot, as well as NYPD. The East Village is pretty tame. Frankly the occupation of local streets and parks by NYPD during the protests this past fall has made me more nervous than anything else I've witnessed around campus.


16.Transportation: Transportation in New York is second to none. You have so many options. Once you get it figured out, you can take local trains and/or buses or those with limited stops. NYU also has a bus that runs until late at night around campus areas for free. It can be expensive to go to the airport, but if you plan your time, there are less expensive trains, buses that you can also take.


17.Transportation: The shuttle is free but its only for dorms that are farther away from campus. Everyone tends to walk to class because campus is easier to walk through. If you live far or need to get anywhere else in town, subways are super convenient. For those who have the cash, there is always a cab, or 7 cabs, zipping by that you can take anywhere in the city. I know there are city run busses as well, but I detest those and generally stick with walking or taking the subway.


18.Transportation: It's mostly walking. There are buses, but since my walk is only 15 minutes, I don't need it enough to know the schedule. But general public transportation like the subways, buses, and taxis are convenient (except to get to LaGuardia airport), although taxis are not cost effective, subways are about to get more expensive, and buses and taxis have to deal with traffic.


19.Local Area: It's New York City. There is always something to do. I've visited more museums in the last few months than I had in my entire life. The food is excellent, even in the dining halls. Cheap, great food is always readily available with the abundance of food trucks in the East Village. I believe almost any clothing store has a branch in New York. It's one of the largest fashion capitals in the world. Celebrity sightings are also plentiful. The locals treat students like any other person because the university is so integrated into the city. After a few months of being here I felt like the city was a part of my personality. When home for break, everything seemed too quiet and too slow. I longed for the bustle and noise I'm so accustomed to now.


20.Off-Campus Dining: New York has some pretty amazing restaurants! Sure, they can get rather expensive if you go to them all the time, but it's nice to go out to eat every once in a while. There's definitely a lot of variety in offerings, from pizza to sushi to ramen to Mexican! You can find virtually anything here! As a student you will likely become very acquainted with Seamless, a food delivery app that practically everyone I know uses, some more than others. Many restaurants will deliver to the residence halls, but you'll need to go down to the lobby to pick up your food.


21.Off-Campus Housing: Off campus housing near campus would probably be difficult to find, not to mention extremely expensive. Living in Manhattan is expensive. However, Queens and Brooklyn are great places to look and you can find affordable places. The subway will be your best friend getting in and around NYC.














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