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文章摘要: 在Brandeis University布兰迪斯大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了布兰迪斯大学的留学体验,给申请布兰迪斯大学的同学们参考。

在Brandeis University布兰迪斯大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了布兰迪斯大学的留学体验,给申请布兰迪斯大学的同学们参考。

1.Academics: Lots of student teacher interaction, small classes, professors really care about you and the office hours are flexible. The workload is fine, you just have to manage your time well. Everyone goes to the library to study.


2.Academics: They are the best. Professors are brilliant and the facilities used for learning are top notch. There are people everywhere that seek to help you out whenever you need so falling behind should not be an issue. The amount of learning that takes place here is ridiculous, but never too much for anyone and just right for the curious mind.


3.Academics: The professors are amazing, caring, sweet and knowledgeable. I am so impressed at the high-caliber of the faculty here. Classes can be insanely challenging (humanities are on the easier side), but professors are always there to help. Most classes are small also, which is very nice!

学术:教授们是令人惊叹的,有爱心的,有趣的和知识渊博的。我对这里高素质的教师印象非常深刻。类可以是具有疯狂的挑战性 (人文学科还算容易的),但教授们会总是帮助你。大多数都是小班授课,这点非常好的!

4.Majors: I love being a film major, but it is definitely because of my own initiative. The film department has it's own agenda and does not like to interact with the students. The students however love to interact with each other and form a great community. The department is weak and needs more editing and production classes. The classes that do exist are good. It really is what you make it.


5.Majors: The Hiatt center for career development at Brandeis is one of the best things on campus. The center helps you to get internships all over the world by matching your interests into opportunities that are available in your major/minor. Often times students do study abroad programs, while also interning in a foreign country (which counts as hitting two birds in one stone).


6.Diversity: Brandeis is known for its accepting nature of everything and everyone. There have yet to be cases of animosity between classes of people in every sense of the word. Honestly, this school cannot be more accepting of anything! Everything is seen with respect.


7.Diversity: In terms of ethnicity, religion, finances, sexual orientation, etc, Brandeis is one of the most diverse colleges that you'll ever find. The only aspect that isn't very diverse is political beliefs: the student population is overwhelmingly liberal.


8.Guys & Girls: everyone is friendly and people can dress however they want and no one really judges. Social life is great and people understand if you can't hang out because of the workload.


9.Guys & Girls: Depending on what you are looking for, everyone here is great! This is a school full of very smart and hard working individuals. School work comes first, but everyone knows how to have fun when the work is done.


10.Guys & Girls: Brandeis isn't particularly known for its looks. Some come to appreciate them whole others don't. But in all seriousness, the people at Brandeis are always nice and outgoing and there is something in this school for everyone who cares to date.


11.Administration: The campus police are usually helpful, but sometimes they make you feel like you're being a pain when you're just asking them to do your job (like if you get locked out of your dorm room, they get really annoyed when they have to come let you in). We don't really have a lot of serious issues at our school with drugs or alcohol, so they're usually pretty lenient. Parking can be pretty bad--the passes are expensive and if you're not in the right parking lot you can get a ticket.

管理:校园警察通常是有帮助的,但有时他们会让你觉得痛心在你需要寻求他们帮助做一些事情的时候(就像如果你被锁定你的宿舍外,当他们给你把门开开让你进去的时候也会感到很恼火)。对于毒药和酒精这个问题,学校并没有太严格的要求,所以他们通常是相当宽松的。停车场相当糟糕 - 通行证是昂贵的,如果你不是在正确的停车场,你可以买张票。

12.Administration: Brandeis enforces most things that are reasonable. There is not a whole lot of punishment for things like noise complaints or underage drinking. You get written up and if it's really bad then maybe you have to meet with the Dean. However, Brandeis takes health and safety as its top priority and doesn't bother with silly things.


13.Campus Food: Campus dining had earned a reputation for not being the best. However, Brandeis has recently changed meals service provider from Aramark to Sodexo, the latter of which has been said go be doing a superior job than that of its predecessor. Food can sometimes not be great, but even then I have yet to see food which is flat-out unedible.


14.Campus Food: we have many different options of foods to choose from, but the options are repeated every week so it gets boring after a while. also, the quality of the food is much better than previous years yet it's just like any other college, not amazing quality, just average. but if you're picky, we have a convenient supermarket that has any food you may want to


15.Campus Food: Dining halls have a good variety of food. However sometimes it is difficult to find healthy options and the quality is not always as good as you would hope.


16.Campus Housing: Freshmen and sophomores are guaranteed on-campus housing. The lottery system makes it stressful, though. It can be tough to get a suite/live near your friends. I think dorm-style living is actually underrated. It is a lot more social. A lot of people end up becoming really close with their freshman year floor.


17.Campus Housing: I love where I live. It is perfectly situated, the quad is beautiful, and I am close to pretty much everything. Just about anything on campus can be reached in 10 minutes or so at most from just about anywhere else.


18.Campus Housing: Campus housing has improved drastically over the past few years. Most of the residence halls have been renovated, including all the first-year halls along with East Quad where most sophomores live. The rooms are relatively spacious with a lounge on nearly every floor.


19.Health & Safety: The health center is on campus, but they are not always so helpful. The BranPo is always around, they seem to do loops around the campus at least once an hour. I've never felt threatened by anyone. I have seen people leave all sorts of expensive items in plain view. I know many people who do not lock their doors. Overall, I believe Brandeis is a very respectful community.


20.Health & Safety: Overall, I feel like the campus is safe. There campus police is seen frequently making rounds and their are easily accessible. The paths are lit, there are blue light emergency phones around campus and there are a variety of student support services. I feel comfortable walking around campus day and night.


21.Transportation: Shuttles work well. During school days, both the BranVan and the Charter Bus run around campus, so you'll be able to hop on it every 7 min or so. The campus is really small though, so unless you live in Grad (upperclassman housing), you'll be fine. The Waltham shuttles are fine too, just make sure to call early so that it's not booked.


22.Transportation: The "Bran Van" or university shuttle service transports students FOR FREE to any destination on campus and in the Waltham area. There is also a shuttle that will take students, again FOR FREE, into Cambridge and Boston. This is a great service and you should definitely take advantage of it however, the convenience of having your own car is better because you don't have to wait on the shuttles.

交通:“Bran Van”或大学的班车服务学生可以免费坐校园里和沃尔瑟姆地区的任何地方。也有班车,对学生也是免费的,到剑桥和波士顿。这是一个很棒的服务,你一定要好好利用这个优势,然而,拥有自己的车的便利性更好,因为你不必等待的班车。

23.Local Area: Waltham has some nice areas, with some really good restaurants, little shops, and a movie theater, but there isn't very much to do. Most people go to Boston instead when they want to get off campus--there's a free shuttle on the weekends, which is great, and it only takes about a half hour. There are always things to do in Boston, whether you want to just go to a movie and get some real non-dining hall food or something more exciting.

本地:沃尔瑟姆有一些不错的地方,有一些很不错的餐厅,小商店和电影院,但没有很大的事情。大多数人去波士顿,只是想要走出校园而已 - 在周末有免费班车,这是很棒的,并且只需要大约一个半小时。在波士顿总有一些事情做,无论你是只想去看电影,并享受一些真正的非食堂食物或一些更令人兴奋的

24.Local Area: Waltham is a great little city and there is often many things to do. The shuttle bus takes you to the most popular parts of the town and if you're looking for a night out or just a quick run to get some food, there are many options.


25.Local Area: Waltham is a emerging city. Once famous for its watches, Waltham [pronounced wall-THAM, not wall-thum] now has a large number of immigrants. The north part of the city tends to be wealthy and white, while the southern part tends to be minority-dominated and multicultural. A number of bars. Several very affordable restaurants.














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