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文章摘要: 在University of Connecticut康涅狄格大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了康涅狄格大学的留学体验,供同学们择校参考。

在University of Connecticut康涅狄格大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了康涅狄格大学的留学体验,供同学们择校参考。

1.Academics: Professors are wonderful. I've had the pleasure to meet some truly great and interesting professors who really care about students and campus safety. The curriculum is also great with one disadvantage which can really be found anywhere. It's not difficult to find yourself doing an extra year at college because you changed your mind about a major. Study abroad options are plentiful. I definitely plan on that in my future!


2.Academics: I love that I chose to be an Allied Health Sciences major because I feel that it will really prepare me for Physical Therapy graduate school. It's very competitive but has plenty of opportunities all over campus.


3.Academics: UConn offers such a large variety of classes, professors, etc. that you can take anything that interests you. Professors are difficult but certainly know their material. Registration is simple - the only hard part is deciding what classes you want to take.


4.Majors: The nursing program at Uconn is amazing. The staff a major plus. They are all practicing and they are all a hoot to work with if you get to know them. Study abroad is something that I have not participated in yet, but Uconn has one of the only nursing programs that has nursing specific trips that count for credits. People love them. the new facility is also beautiful and the sim labs are new as well!


5.Majors: Internships vary according to majors. However, I feel that there are not many internships available for Biology majors like myself. I have become hesitant with this issue and felt that honestly the school provides with good education but they provide few internship opportunities to Biology majors, which is a disadvantage.


6.Majors: As a Business major with a marketing focus, it was pretty competitive trying to gain admissions because the Business school seems like UConn's most popular school. It's disappointing that I don't actually get to take a single class within my major until Junior year - honestly, it feels like I'm kind of wasting time just taking all of these general education courses for two years.


7.Majors: I didn't encounter any difficulty getting into engineering. My math scores were high, and my GPA supported the fact that I was a good student and willing and able to learn. I think if you do your best throughout your academic career, it makes admission to UConn's engineering program attainable.


8.Diversity: Definitely the best. Very big campus, and you can meet new people everyday. You might not even get to know you whole class by the time you graduate let alone your whole school.


9.Diversity: My school is a very diverse place. There are people of all different religions, races, political beliefs, and sexual orientations, and it is very accepting of all of them. There are clubs for every possible different group, and they all work to make sure the students feel as home as possible.


10.Athletics: Our athletics run the university. It is good for income, but terrible for the students. UConn makes all decisions based athletics. We have a contract with Nike and athletes get everything provided for them. Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, mostly bring in most of the money. Football sucks but they still get 1st class treatment.


11.Athletics: Everyone knows our basketball programs have the greatest support out there, and students ooze school spirit. UConn doesn't only have great basketball fans though, and our soccer team is always very fun to watch. Hockey games are great, and either free or very cheap for students. Our football team plays in Hartford, which is a bit of a drive, but buses are offered to games. The current Student Recreation Facility is horribly under-sized, but a state of the art rec facility is being built and should be finished by the time current freshman graduate.


12.Athletics: Basketball overshadows most of the other sports but UConn has a lot of successful teams. Track and Field performs consistently well. Field hockey won a national championship recently. Even the skydiving team brings home some medals. Football has been pretty dismal the last few years. Half the basketball games are played in Hartford instead of the stadium on campus, Gampel, and all of the football games are played in East Hartford too. It would be nice if that energy was kept on campus but it seems there's not enough room for it. Buses are available for a few dollars to take students to the games in Hartford but they're usually full of drunk kids who often vomit on the bus.


13.Guys & Girls: With so many people on campus, there are guys in every niche. Geeky guys, sporty guys, nerdy guys, gamer guys, religious guys; you name 'em, UConn's got 'em.


14.Guys & Girls: Water seeks its own level. There are an unlimited number of opportunities to meet new people. If you're a transfer student, I definitely recommend going into a transfer community, that way you don't get put into a dorm with kids who all know each other and you're the odd one out. There are over 500 clubs to join, so if you're into that you'll find tons of kids with common interests.


15.Guys & Girls: You get a mix of all type of people around here, some that are nice, some that are rude, or stuck up. But thats part of life and in a school this big your going to run into many different types of people, its just how you learn to interact or deal with them


16.Campus Food: Everything's pretty good, and the staff are always pretty nice. There are so many dining halls, and it's pretty easy to quickly figure out which ones suit your food tastes, plus you can check what they're serving online or in the app day to day. Points are awesome, and it's nice to be able to get coffees and stuff without spending all your money at Dunkin/Starbucks every day.


17.Campus Food: There are enough dining halls that there is always variety but after a while you get tired of dining hall food. We can spend our meal points at a few places around campus but there's not too many and you can get tired of that food just as easily.


18.Campus Housing: Housing can sometimes be a pain when you're trying to actually get the specific dorm you want with the people you want, since there's only barely enough housing for everyone who wants it, but once you actually get a dorm they're pretty nice. Free laundry, most dorms have a dining hall in the building with unlimited swipes on your dining plan, and people are pretty nice at UConn. The best options are probably the apartments like Hilltop and whatnot, but only seniors can really get them because of the credit system, South, and Connecticut Commons. It's really a person-to-person thing though, and there's quite a variety of dorm types to choose from.

校园住宿:你想住自己喜欢的宿舍,想和自己合得来的人住一起的时候,住房这方面有时候还是个难题。因为没有足够多好的房间使人人都满意,但是一旦你真的有了住房,那房间一般也都是不错的。免费的洗衣店,很多宿舍楼都带有一个餐厅,可以不限次的使用饭卡,康涅狄格大学的人也都很友好。最好的宿舍房间或许在 Hilltop 和 whatnot那里,但是只有高年级的学生才能入住,因为那是要看学分系统的。南方宿舍区和康涅狄格大学普通宿舍区,那里都是人挨人的了。但是那里还是有很多不同类型的宿舍房间可以选择的。

19.Campus Housing: I love living on campus because I am a few steps away to everything from a minimum of 2 nearby dining halls, the Student Union, any on campus activities, the library, and more. When its winter, the buses are good to rely on. It's really convenient the fact that there's a laundry room on every building (except on North Campus) and that they are already included on the residential fees. I think that the cost is good compared to off-campus housing. The housing process is hectic only because of the date you get to pick . I like the fact that you can see exactly which rooms are open throughout the selection process which is good to create more concrete backup plans.


20.Health & Safety: The security and safety of the school are held to a great standard. Uconn takes great pride and responsibility of making sure its students are well protected. I feel safe on campus, as do many of my friends.


21.Administration: As far as the campus police go, they are very strict when it comes to parking. They hand out masses of tickets everyday. UConn is also very strict when it comes to academic integrity and plagiarism. However, UConn is lenient on thingsl ike drinking in the dorms. Most RA and hall directors are really laid back and don't enforce policies very well. Police are around the party scene sometimes, but rarely break up parties or arrest for underage drinking.


22.Transportation: Transportation around campus is great, and the cost is relatively small and its automatically added to your fee bill. There are buses every week that take you to most major cities in the northeast if you so choose to go. Navigating campus for the first few times on foot however is rather confusing, as the layout isn't great and the campus is large.


23.Local Area: There really is no need to look off campus for things to do. The campus has everything from shopping to restaurants to hair stylists within walking distance. Outside of the campus, there are stores and shopping, but I haven't really needed to go far to get what I need.














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