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文章摘要: 在University of Wisconsin威斯康辛大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了威斯康辛大学的留学体验,供同学们择校参考。

在University of Wisconsin 威斯康辛大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了威斯康辛大学的留学体验,供同学们择校参考。

1. Academics: We're one of the top-ranked schools in the world and it definitely shows. For the most part, students have to really work to get an A. However, if you go to office hours and utilize the billion different resources that campus offers, you should be set. Most professors are very nice and genuinely interest in their students' wellbeing.


2. Academics: This school is very well-known for it's academic name. A number of largely successful people have graduated from here, going on to be politicians, CEO's, professional athletes, etc. Though it, too, has a party school reputation, The University of Wisconsin definitely knows when to buckle down and focus on academics.


3. Majors: A lot of options! If you can't find your specific major, call the undergrad office and talk to them about your situation. They'll hopefully give you options that are relatively close to that major or classes that will fufill your needs.


4.Majors: UW-Madison has great programs for any major on campus. The science field here, especially medical sciences, is extremely span with rigorous courses and programs. One example could be BioCore, an honors program of a sequence of hands-on, intense classes to get prospective biology majors more acquainted with what they would be doing in future careers. There are plenty of research and volunteer opportunities as well, which is beneficial in advancing in the field.


5. Majors: I have not yet had an intership because my major is still undecided and I would not know where I would want to intern. However, I feel there are many opportunities to find an internship. UW Madison provides many resources, such as the Student Job Center, to ensure students can find available internships in the area.


6. Diversity: Diversity is really promoted on campus - when we came in for orientation, they flat out told us that it was expected that we accept everyone for who they are. It's great!


7. Diversity: The ethnic heritage may not be super diverse on campus but everyone is accepted and treated equally


8. Guys & Girls: It's a big school so you're going to have something for everyone in terms of personality. Most people are extremely friendly and it's not weird if you begin to strike up conversation with them. Obviously, there is the occasional stuck-up, but they're easy to avoid. Also, everyone is ridiculously attractive.


9. Greek Life: I absolutely love my sorority and feel so fortunate to have joined. I cannot say I am knowledgeable about the rush process for fraternities, but the process for sororities is very simple and majority of people end up happy. Greek life isn't just about the partying, there is philanthropy events, a shoulder to cry on, and a way to get involved on campus.


10. Athletics: Badger football games exemplify the spirit and pride of being a badger. No matter the time of day, students rally for the game and are present to support their team and represent their school.


11.Athletics: School spirit is a huge part of student life, most of it revolving around varsity sports. Even some of the less popular sports are well attended and very fun to watch. Fans go all out on game day and its great to see and participate in the school spirit. Intramural sports are also very popular and easy to join no matter the skill level.


12.Campus Food: The dining hall food gets pretty old pretty fast, but there is still a large variety and when you absolutely cannot handle any more dining hall food, there are plenty of fantastic restaurants around state street and beyond, and a lot of them offer student discounts!


13.Campus Food: There are so many places to choose from! If nothing sound good on state, there are three malls within a 45 minute bus ride surrounding campus.


14.Campus Housing: I greatly enjoy living on campus as I meet more people, have access to an abundant of resources, and have a fantastic view from my dorm room of Lake Mendota.


15.Campus Housing: While the newer, larger dorms are on lakeshore and are therefore quite a walk from campus, the southeast dorms are convenient for parties and classes, but also older and smaller. Whichever fits your lifestyle best, you can easily get into!


16.Health & Safety: There are campus police always available, present and approachable. I feel as safe as possible in a city to walk alone. I feel less safe at night walking alone but have never had any problems, especially if walking in a group.


17.Health & Safety: I haven't heard of any crime at all on campus. There are always plenty of people around so you're never alone, and there are "safe walkers" who you can call so you don't have to walk alone at night.


18.Health & Safety: The Health and Safety Systems Are Great – The health and safety systems at University of Wisconsin work hard to make sure that all the students are safe and healthy. Night life on campus is almost constant and the walkways are well lit so its a relatively safe environment. The health system provides free services that are not only efficient but they are also insightful and helpful.


19.Transportation: Being on such a large, spread out campus transportation becomes extremely helpful if your classes are far apart. Included with tuition is a bus pass that all students receive their first week with being on campus. This becomes very nice tool to acquire for the winter months. There are hundreds of bus stops located all around campus and an app that can be downloaded that shows when the busses will arrive at your stop and where they will go. Taking public transportation at my university is extremely easy.


20.Transportation: The students get free bus passes, and the buses go throughout the greater Madison area. You really don't need a car. There are also several taxi companies if you don't want to ride in public. There are bike trails all over the city as well, so you can bike many places if you want to be totally green.


21.Local Area: Madison is what made me choose this school. Yes, the academics are also a bonus but Madison is such a gorgeous place to go to school. In between two beautiful lakes, and a really nice downtown area, you get the best of both city and the peaceful life.


22.Local Area: There are 2 art museums on campus, a mall that's a 15 minute bus ride away, plenty of restaurants, festivals, and events all the time.


23.Local Area: I love that Madison has both a campus feel and a city feel. There's the option of walking along the lake on a nice day and then going to the city for a fun night. You can go to the library or on Bascom Hill if you want some quiet space to study and relax, or you can go sit outside one of the restaurants on State Street if you're looking for a busier atmosphere to hangout.














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