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文章摘要: 在University of California--IrvineUC加州大学欧文分校就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了加州大学欧文分校的留学体验,供同学们择校参考。

在University of California--IrvineUC加州大学欧文分校就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了加州大学欧文分校的留学体验,供同学们择校参考。

1. Academics: I’m really grateful for the type of education I’m getting here at the school. Being able to learn from world class professors who are very established in their respective fields in a really amazing experience.


2. Academics: The course load is difficult but it is difficult in a good way. It challenged you to think and to test yourself on your limits. The professors are always helpful and there may be some difficult classes but there are also classes that allow you to express your creative side and relax.


3. Academics: I'm a Pharmaceutical Sciences major. The first 2 years of the curriculum are very similar to Bio-sci. In fact, our 3rd year consists many of the same courses also. Our under-division requirements are the same, but the upper-division requirements are different. Freshmen year is pretty easy if you took AP courses related to Chemistry and Biology in high school. The workload is pretty easy if you space out your time and don't procrastinate.


4. Majors: Getting into the computer science program is not very difficult. It's one of the best programs that the school has to offer. There are a bunch of interesting and unique majors in the School of ICS.


5. Majors: It wasn't difficult at all to be admitted into the Psychology program here since most students are going for the science majors (especially biology) or are trying to get into the school of business, which is especially competitive.


6. Majors: Business Economics major have a choice in choosing from a variety of classes because of excessive amount of majors. However, if one wants to succeed, one should invest time in school as well as internship opportunities.


7. Diversity: There are plenty of diversity in this school. The school is known for a an Asian-American majority, nonetheless, there are many other national and ethnic backgrounds. There is an acceptance of gay and lesbian orientated people as there are plenty of students and even professors who have different sexual orientations. Political and religious backgrounds are not often discussed, however, there are plenty of liberal or democratic tendencies.


8. Diversity: There are so many different people on campus! I learned so much about every culture, religion, and sexual orientation. Everyone is so welcoming to everyone, no matter who they are. That's one of the reasons I loved the school so much. Everyone is so tolerant and open to new ideas and people.


9. Greek Life: Greek = Parties. But for girls, you don't need to be greek to party! Just dress up and show up. Venue parties are a pretty interesting experience.


10. Greek Life: Greek Life at UC Irvine works with students to create an inclusive environment that challenges members to develop into leaders who uphold the values, oaths, and commitments of their collegiate fraternal organization at UC Irvine. Greek Life values on going relationships with alumni, volunteers, campus administrators, and the surrounding community in order to create meaningful and purposeful undergraduate experiences that fosters a commitment to service and lifetime membership. Greek students are viewed as the most energetic and motivated students on campus.


11. Administration: I live in ACC and no one has ever bothered me about having people sleep over or drinking alcohol in my apartment. In fact, my apartment has not been checked on for such a thing since I lived there. I share a bathroom with a community assistant as well but I've never had any problems.


12. Administration: The campus feels really safe. I think I have only seen a cop car or security once or twice. I havent seen any force of authority enforcing any rule to someone. The only rule visible and known is no biking around the busy areas during certain times, but that is an acceptable rule of course.


13. Athletics: Majority of the students participate in some type of sport, either on a varsity, club, or intramural teams. The fan base for the basketball team is huge and athletes definitely feel the support of the school. UCI is very competitive and it shows with the performances of the teams like the Men's Volleyball Team winning the D1 National Championship.


14. Athletics: The teams are great on our campus but not the best in the country. There are some fan support but not a lot. The school spirit is great.


15. Athletics: The athletics at this school are great. Although there may not be a football, students still find a way to cheer for other sport teams, which can be exciting. Most students love the basketball games because they're filled with energy and school spirit. There are also many different sport clubs that allow students to try out other kinds of sports and even compete.


16. Campus Food: The dining options on campus are good and plentiful. I do eat on campus a lot, and food may get repetitive sometimes. I am also often in the computer science/engineering area of the school, and the only real food available around that area is Phoenix Grill, compared to the student center area that has more options.

校园饮食:餐厅有很多选择,很好。我经常在学校吃饭,但有时会有些重复。有时我也会去计算机工程学院,那儿唯一可以吃饭的地方是Phoenix Grill。与学生中心餐厅相比,Phoenix Grill可选择的种类更多。

17. Campus Food: There are dining halls in both Mesa Court and Middle Earth, plus many other options on campus like starbucks, subway, panda express, as well as off campus, such as chipotle, blaze pizza, cha for tea, etc.

校园饮食:Mesa Court和Middle Earth都有很多餐厅,也有星巴克、赛百味熊猫快递等连锁餐厅。校外也有chipotle、blaze pizza和cha for tea等餐厅。

18. Campus Food: The commons provide excellent choices of food. There is a huge variety to chose from and the chef always tries new food ideas especially during theme dinners for the holiday season and they are all excellent ideas. Delicious!


19. Campus Housing: Being a freshman the best thing you can do is live on campus. The RAs make a great transition into college and you get to meet people because you see them everyday. In my hall, i have become really close with people i have known for just 3 months. Of course, in UCI there is Middle Earth and Mesa Court. I chose M.E. and luckily here I am and its the best. The atmosphere suites my personality.

校园住宿:是大一新生最好的一点就是可以住在校内。能很好地过渡到学校生活,每天看到同学,就混熟了。在宿舍,3个月我就跟我舍友混熟了。当然,学校也有Middle Earth和Mesa Court区宿舍。我选择了ME区,我觉得很幸运,这里是最好的。宿舍环境很符合我的特点。

20. Campus Housing: From orientation and being able to stay in one of the housing dorms, the campus is beautiful and maintains cleanliness. The experienced students helps the first years out with any advice and are extremely friendly giving a very welcoming atmosphere. The amenities are given as long as you want to use it. Everything is provided as long as you reach out for it.


21. Health & Safety: The community really seems safe, and the administration is always keeping students updated about any possible threats or events.


22. Health & Safety: Irvine itself is the safest city in America, so it should be no surprise that UCI is probably the one of the safest campuses, which most students take for granted.


23. Transportation: The transportation is really good. there is a free bus, a octa bus, rent a car, and rent a bike services. The prices are really cheap and very convenient.


24. Transportation: Transportation here is great. Not only are there campus shuttles but there is also public transportation available. Another plus is most things are close enough to where students can walk instead of needing a car. We are about 10 minutes from the beach so if you have a car it's much easier to go but if not there are buses that will take you.


25. Local Area: There is so much to do in the proximity of UCI. There are outlets, eateries, and most importantly, Disneyland. All of these places are available to UCI students with or without a car and are reachable in less than an hour.


26. Local Area: Local atmosphere is great! It's close to the beach, many nearby food places such as boba shops, asian cuisines, etc. Very close to nearby convenience stores as well for necessities.


















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