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文章摘要: 在Southern Methodist University南卫理公会大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了南卫理公会大学的留学体验,以供参考。

在Southern Methodist University南卫理公会大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了南卫理公会大学的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: Top notch academics! I was deciding between here and Georgetown, but ultimately wanted a more "college" experience so I chose SMU. I'm in Cox and the professors are amazing. I am also a Fashion Media major, which is a really great program and very up and coming. I have no doubt in my mind that I will get an incredible job right out of college


2.Academics: We have very underrated academics here at SMU; I was considering top schools only (Virginia, Michigan, Duke, etc.) and I came here believing that I could get the same if not better education and SMU has lived up to that idea; i feel adequately challenged, have a wide variety of classes to choose from, have very small classes with great access to professors, and I can't wait to start taking classes in the very highly ranked Cox School of Business.


3.Academics: My major is a mix between business and computer science, it's called Engineering and Management Informational Sciences (EMIS). I not only get the opportunity to study a useful major such as computer science, but I get to take advantage of our world renowned business school. All of the facilities and classrooms are above average and kept looking nicely. And the job opportunities for SMU students are endless.


4.Academics: SMU has great profs and the curriculum is difficult, but in a good way that makes a degree from SMU respectable. The new curriculum is confusing, but I believe it is being changed so that doesn't deduct points. Everyone likes to study in Fondren library, it is big and has tons of resources.


5.Majors: Job opportunities are amazing, they offer tons of different classes and majors and minors to choose from. The university curriculum makes you step out of your comfort zone and take classes that you normally wouldn't take, but one of these classes actually became the subject of my major!


6.Majors: I'm always busy. Alllll the tiiiiiime. I'ts a bit annoying, because sometimes I don't get to do what I really want to do. Sometimes I feel I can never relax, but it feels good to always be working towards something. If you're feeling overwhelmed, the professors are there to talk to you and help you. I'm constantly rehearsing, but in the end, it feels great to come out with good work. It's a rewarding experience. Besides, working hard is something you need to get used to doing before you graduate and start your career if you want to succeed.


7.Majors: I'm glad that the theatre department is very selective about who they let in. They set the bar really high, and it makes for a good, relatively small class who isn't brought down by talentless or lazy people. I had to audition with 2 monologues and a song to get in. Some high-school friends of mine also auditioned for the same program and didn't get in, so I know they were picky. Tips for getting in the theatre department. DON'T USE MONOLOGUES AND SONGS THAT ARE OVERDONE. Research monologues that casting directors express their disdain for. If you're the 10th Chistopher Durang monologue they've heard that day, then chances are they'll be less interested in hearing you.

专业:很高兴戏剧学院在选人方面很严格。他们的门槛设置的非常高,只让优秀的人进来,小班授课是为天赋不足或者懒惰的人。我经过了两轮独白和一次试唱才得以被录取。我的一些高中的朋友申请同样的学院,经过试唱之后却没有被录取,所以我知道他们选人很挑剔。申请喜剧学院的秘诀是——别用那些老套的独白和试唱!找那些符合导演表达他们忽略的独白。如果你选择的是Chistopher Durang 的独白第十个,那天他们又听过了的话,那么很可能他们就没兴趣听你说了。

8.Athletics: I went to a couple sports events and they were fun. The students were involved, as well as the fans. The school spirit definitely showed, and the athletic facilities were incredible. I enjoyed going to the gym the years I attended SMU more than I have in my entire life.


9.Athletics: Unfortunately, this season our football team didn't prove to be what a "college football team" should be. Although the entire student body blames that on the death penalty we received more than 20 years ago, we just don't support them like we should. The head football coach, June Jones, actually just quit his job last week, and left our team stranded. Students always predict how badly we will lose, especially with games against Baylor and Texas A&M. However, there is a lot of school spirit when it comes to basketball season. Although we lost a crucial player this year, students always get exciting at the thought of winter season coming. It is also an added bonus that George Bush comes to almost every home game.

体育:很遗憾,这个赛季我们的橄榄球队没有打出“校队”应有的水平。虽然全体学生都把那归咎于20年前的死亡惩罚,但我们的支持也确实不够给力!橄榄球主教练June Jones上周辞职了,整个球队处于困境。学生们老是预测我们会输得多惨,尤其是和Baylor 以及Texas A&M打比赛的时候。然而在篮球赛季的时候,这里还是有很多体育精神的。虽然今年我们失去了一个很重要的球员,但在冬季赛季来临的时候大家还是很激动。几乎每个主场比赛前总统乔治•布什都会来观看,这也是另一个让人期待的地方。

10.Campus Food: The food is always high quality, and menus posted online make it easy to decide on healthy meals ahead of time. There's a lot of rotation in the food prepared so that nothing gets too monotonous. The dining halls close early on Fridays and weekends, but Mac's Place and restaurants in the vicinity of campus (Snider Plaza) are open late so food is always available.

校园饮食:食物的质量一直很不错,菜单也是在线公开的,所以可以提前就决定自己要吃的健康食物。在供应的食物方面有很多种类轮换,所以不会觉得太单调。餐厅在周五和周末都关门很早,但是Mac's Place和学校附近的餐馆都营业到很晚,所以总是能有吃饭的地方。

11.Campus Food: It's good for the first few weeks but then you kind of get over it. The quality of the food goes in waves, like it's really good one week then you're eating cereal and eggs for two weeks. It's always great when there are campus tours because Umph puts on great food to impress the parents. There's a wide variety of things to choose from and there's a salad bar and dessert station and Starbucks coffee available. As a whole, on-campus dining is very good.


12.Campus Housing: With the newly designed residential commons, the new FIR's (faculty in residence), and commons traditions, the dorms are truly having a revolution and are something that you look forward to hanging out in. The faculty who live in the first floor are extremely nice, and every person I know who is a first/second year loved their FIR family and helped to make them feel at home.


13.Campus Housing: Housing is relatively expensive, but many of the dorm buildings are brand new, and the university goes to great lengths to create a sense of community within the residential commons. The only drawback is that individuals can't choose which building to live in, and can only apply to switch at the end of the semester. Additionally, all students are required to live in the dorms for their first two years.


14.Guys & Girls: All the girls are gorgeous, mostly blondes. EVERYONE has a lv bag, ray bans, cartier bracelets, hermes bracelets. Everyone dresses very preppy. Social life everyone goes out Monday, Wednesday, Thursday-Saturday, and sometimes Sunday.The guys aren't as good looking as the girls, most guys are super nice, always pay for drinks. Basketball and Football players are full of themselves.


15.Guys & Girls: social life is definitely a big part of campus life. Many students are very affluent. I am in a difficult major, so most of my classes are full of very smart and high achieving, driven students. There are some that clearly from successful families, but they are for the most part working hard in school and high achieving as well. Definitely a party hard setting. Makes it difficult for the students that are needing to work harder and make the grades for scholarships.


16.Health & Safety: We have a lot of police officers on campus at all times. We also have a transportation system where golf carts come and pick you up and take you anywhere on campus during the night hours.


17.Health & Safety: SMU has more than just campus security driving around. We have University Park police, Dallas Police, Highland Park Police and SMU Police always driving around or near campus. And with George Bush visiting our campus as often as he does, the amount of security is even more heightened. One safety measure that SMU took that the students are very appreciative of is Giddy Up. Giddy Up is a service that students can call at any time of the day (especially at night after 12 AM) and get a golf cart ride to their dorm. In college especially it is important not to walk around by yourself during the later hours of the night, and Giddy Up helps prevent the circumstances that being alone can lead to. Thanks to campus security, all of the police and Giddy Up, our campus crime rate is incredibly low. We truly appreciate it.

健康安全:SMU不只有校园安保力量。我们还有大学公园警察,达拉斯警察局,高地警察局,以及总在学校附近巡逻的SMU校警。由于前总统乔治•布什经常到访学校,安保人员的总量甚至会更多。SMU采取的一个学生非常感激的安保措施是Giddy Up,这是一些学生可以在一天之内随时呼叫帮助的服务(尤其是午夜12点以后),是用一个高尔夫球车把学生护送到宿舍。尤其注意的是夜里很晚以后别一个人走夜里,Giddy Up这项举措有助于预防一个人时某些状况的发生。多亏了校园安保人员,所有的校警以及Giddy Up这项服务,我们的校园犯罪率非常低。对此我们很感激。

18.Administration: Although many people dislike the administration, they are blinded by the immediate effects and aren't able to see the big picture. With the Second Century Campaign the admin has been able to raise over a billion (that's right BILLION dollars) for the school. Being someone who works with them a lot, they are very nice and always open to suggestions.


19.Transportation: A lot of people bring cars. If you don't bring one you'll know plenty of people that did. You'll need a car to run errands or go out to eat. There's an SMU bus system but almost no one uses it, and I honestly don't know where it goes. Maybe across the freeway? Uber is a big part of SMU. It's more expensive than taxis, but it's much nicer and they won't take advantage of you if you're drunk.


20.Transportation: The bus system and rail system are very limited, because Dallas is so spread out. Students rarely use them unless for big events like the State Fair. Most people take cabs, but now that there is Uber and Lyft so everyone uses them. You don't need a car your freshmen year, but as you start finding jobs its nice to have one by the end of your sophomore year. Everything you need is within walking distance your first two years.

交通:巴士系统以及地铁系统都很有限,因为达拉斯是一个整体布局散的很开的城市。学生很少乘坐它们,除非是有什么重大事件发生,比如州博览会。很多人会乘出租,但现在有 Uber 和 Lyft系统,每个人基本都在用。大一的时候你没必要买车,但你大二末期开始找工作的时候有车是很方便的。前两年你需要的所有东西基本都在步行范围内。

21.Local Area: Dallas is incredible! The nightlife is awesome, there are so many restaurants and great shopping! SMU is the premiere school for Dallas businesses and companies to pull interns from so there are unreal intern opportunities and you are only competition is the fellow SMU students, so you are competing against maybe 5 people for a spot instead of 500.


22.Local Area: Dallas is full of great restaurants, bars, parks, and entertainment. Every night you could find something to do (but then you wouldn't be getting much sleep). It is also a very clean and well protected city, so it is definitely safe to raise a family in. The people here are so so so incredibly nice (yes, Southern Hospitality is a real thing!) and are genuinely sincere when they talk to you. The sports teams around aren't that great, but they are fun to watch nonetheless. Dallas is a great city to go to school by.


23.Overall Experience: Wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Beyond thankful that I made the college choice I did in SMU. I can only hope that new applicants see the value in SMU. Not only is everybody smart, motivated, fun, and outgoing, they also know how to party. You also will have no problem with jobs, almost everybody gets an amazing job. Every person I have met here seems like they will be beyond successful and a true world changer.















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