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文章摘要: 在Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute伦斯勒理工学院就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了伦斯勒理工学院的留学体验,以供参考。

在Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute伦斯勒理工学院就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了伦斯勒理工学院的留学体验,以供参考。

1. Academics: If you want to learn to be an engineer and make some money come here if you think you can handle the rigorous courses! Only downside would be foreign teachers that you can't understand but for the most part the education here is superb. It's the reason I came here in the first place and the reason I'm still here.


2. Academics: Though I am switching to an engineering field because physics does not seem like it is for me, the physics curriculum is intense but rewarding for those who are persevering and smart. The internships are relatively easy to obtain, and the labs have plenty of toys to play with.


3. Academics: The academics offered at RPI are exceptional. Their engineering, architecture, and business programs are all highly ranked. RPI is a small private school with small class sizes which allows for more attention to students. Of course, with great academics comes a huge workload. However, students don't often complain about it because they are willing to work hard and they know it will pay off.


4. Majors: There are great programs for all majors here, though if I applied again I would have added my minors rather than wait until later. I also would have started out with engineering rather than biology then physics, but the experience was important, I suppose.


5. Majors: Biomedical Engineering – I love my major! The classes are amazing and difficult. The professors are super nice and have lots of real world experience. There are lots of opportunities to meet people in my field and to meet the companies they work for. There are also a ton of lab positions and internships available for my major.


6. Greek Life: Greek life is a huge part of the campus. The percentage of people in Greek Life is astounding at this school. The Greeks here provide a social structure that does help many "nerds" get out for often the first times in their lives. They do other things besides party too though. You will find Greek Life running many student wide events and enriching the community.


7. Greek Life: At RPI, Greek life is highly desirable for most of the students. They make the most of their social lives and are viewed positively by the non-Greeks. Greek housing is mostly off campus and much cheaper that residence halls.


8. Athletics: Our most famous sport here seems to be our hockey team. It seems so big that I barely hear news about any other major sport such as football or basketball.


9. Athletics: The athletic atmosphere is great, especially for varsity hockey. Rensselaer has a high caliber hockey program and has a very dedicated fan base of students and locals. Other sports are overshadowed but still easy to attend. Intramurals and clubs are popular. Some academic clubs and fraternities create intramural teams for different sports and compete.


10. Campus Food: Everything usually tastes alright. Sometimes there is no food available during the transitions from breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner, which I have seen take up to 45 minutes.


11. Campus Food: Well, I guess it's ok since we have some good options as for dining halls. Personally, I never had any trouble with eating in the dining hall. But, the truth is that it could have been better than that. For example, the food that they sell in the cafes is better than what is offered in the dining halls, which for me doesn't make any sense, since the provider for both is the same company. Also, something that I would like to point out is the absence of choices as for meal plans, since for freshmen there are only two.


12. Campus Housing: Freshmen five are very basic, Barton is newer and bigger. Bathrooms are fairly clean, but it also depends on who lives in the hall. Most people are nerdy, but there is a party scene if you are into it. If you don't like to party, there are plenty of other things to do.


13. Campus Housing: A Place for Everyone – My experience at RPI so far has been amazing, I got onto a great floor, with great people who I enjoy hanging out with. The food, like all college food I imagine, is not great, but it is filling and will get you through the day. Once a person finds their niche at RPI, they will make many friends and live comfortably there.


14. Health & Safety: Campus safety at RPI is extremely important and always present for students. There are often squad cars patrolling at all times throughout the day and I believe they do an excellent job to ensure student and faculty safety. There are sometimes crimes on campus but overall, I feel very safe on the RPI campus. It is definitely "my home away from home."


15. Health & Safety: The health center is a little removed from the campus itself, which makes it inconvenient to get to when you aren't feeling well. Since the school is located in the heart of Troy, a small city, the usual safety concerns apply: it isn't a good idea to walk on the outskirts of campus alone at night, and there are relatively frequent instances of assault/robbery on students who do so.


16. Transportation: Free campus shuttle to get to athletic village and downtown dorms, and free CDTA buses around the capitol region. 15 minute bus ride to Walmart/Price Chopper, about an hour and a half to get to a mall in Albany by bus. City of Troy is within walking distance, but there is also a shuttle.


17.Transportation: Always a Way to Get There – No matter where you want to go near RPI, you can get there. There is a train station 15 minutes away, and bus stops right on campus. If you want to walk to the city of Troy it's only a ten minute walk. Schedules for public transportation are posted everywhere.


18.Local Area: You'll hear that Troy is too dangerous for students and that there's nothing fun there. FALSE. In recent years Troy has gotten much safer and there are plenty of restaurants and great events throughout the seasons. Not a lot of shopping options, but plenty of restaurants and good nightlife. However I still wouldn't recommend wandering alone at night through downtown, but that's a general rule of thumb anywhere.














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