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文章摘要: 在University of California - Santa Barbara加州大学圣芭芭拉分校就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了加州大学圣芭芭拉分校的留学体验,以供参考。

在University of California - Santa Barbara加州大学圣芭芭拉分校就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了加州大学圣芭芭拉分校的留学体验,以供参考。

1. Academics: I'm a huge fan of the academics at UCSB and find them to be thorough and eye-opening. The brilliant staff and course curriculum make the school top notch in the academic sphere. There are so many places on campus that cater to students, especially when it comes to quiet, safe study areas.


2. Academics: There is a variety of majors and ways to pursue your career. UCSB has awesome CLAS which is a tutoring program that hold class 2 times a week and goes over lecture material and helps prepare students for quizzes. We have a ton of research opportunities! The registration for classes is easy, and the classes are challenging but rewarding。


3. Academics: The professors are the best. Entering the college atmosphere did take some getting used to. But after one quarter, you get the hang of things like STUDY STUDY STUDY, read the books, do your homework, don't procrastinate.


4. Majors: As an undergraduate researcher in an EEMB lab on campus, I can say that getting involved in an internship at UCSB is a great idea. Professors and grad student advisors (usually) don't just make you the coffee jockey, they want you to learn. Still, they understand a student's busy schedule and are fairly lenient with working hours. Internships are fabulous.


5.Majors: I feel like it's the best decision I have ever made because I can compete at the school. Majoring in Biology is difficult but there is no "easy way out" if you are going into a major that will has careers with available jobs in them. My career goals are to go into medicine and if I graduate successfully, I should be fine because this school is prestigious.


6. Diversity: Very accepting and diverse campus, helped largely by the Multicultural Center (MCC), which holds events multiple times a week to promote acceptance and expand peoples knowledge of the world.


7. Diversity: UCSB has a diverse student body with students from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


8. Greek Life: The Greek life here is where it's all at. Amazing parties, amazing organizations, lots of fun, lots of fellowship among Greeks, and kicking parties.


9. Greek Life: Greek Life is amazing. It is one of the greatest things about college. It opens you to many new experiences and people and gives you a nice break from the stress of classes. No matter who you are, there is a house there that fits your style and they treat you with respect and make you feel so welcome. It is so much fun!


10. Administration: The administration really makes an effort to be strict in the areas that will affect not only the student but other students around them for example drinking and drug use. It could be a bit average around noise control.


11. Administration: They are very lenient in matters where it's simply students having a bit of fun. So long as no one is endangering themselves or others the school tends to be quite accommodating.


12. Athletics: Fan Support at UCSB is unlike no other. The cheers, chants, and screams from the student body reveal the love the school has toward the athletics at UCSB. It is these chants and clamours from the fans that excel the team's performance by boosting the confidence among the players. When it comes to athletics at UCSB the Gaucho pride is surely demonstrated.

体育:体育迷小组特别引人关注。学生们的欢呼、唱歌和尖叫声反映他们对学校体育的热爱。体育迷们的欢呼体现了球队队员表现出的自信和活力。说到UCSB 的体育,不得不提的是Gaucho荣耀。

13. Athletics: The gym is spacious and kept clean. The treadmills and stationary bikes face the windows so you can watch the soccer fields if just being there is boring. The weight room is a little cramped and chaotic. There isn't really an order or method for where the machines are. They aren't separated by muscle group.


14. Campus Food: The dinning commons are okay. DLG is defiantly the best in my opinion. Portola has its good days, but most of the time the food isn't so tasty or very appealing to me. Portola has great brunch and the omelets are delicious! The presentation is great, but Portola is lacking in the taste of their food. Subway is great!


15.Campus Food: The dining commons are great but food sometimes does get repetitive. Other on campus option are alright. We have two Subways but no Starbucks, does not make sense.


16. Campus Housing: The dorms are really nice and really conveniently located but the housing plans are a little ridiculous. Not only is it extremely expensive to live even in the cheapest dorm option, but housing costs and bunched together with meal plans meaning that if you live on campus, you are forced to pay for a dining plan. While most students want a dining plan, I think the option to only pay for dorms and not a meal plan should be offered for those who prefer not to eat their meals in the dining commons.


17. Campus Housing: My dormitory is off campus, but the bike ride to campus isn't too bad. It usually takes me 10mins. tops to get to campus or shorter by bus. The dorm rooms are great and very spacious! The staff and students are very friendly and very social. Hall council will host events occasionally which are fun and gives me something to do.


18. Health & Safety: I feel extremely safe on campus. Everyone seems to look after each other and make sure we are all okay. The police are visible and we are well aware of where to find them in case of an emergency.


19.Health & Safety: I know you always have to be aware of your surroundings night and day, keeping the items you’re carrying close to you. Here in UC Sana Barbara you feel very safe walking around in a group or alone. Whenever im out at night going to the library at 2am there is always a police car going around, so I know im always safe.


20. Transportation: We have bus stops ok every block with buses arriving every few minutes. Students with school ID ride for free. Also, everyone bikes in town! Very fast and convenient.


21.Transportation: Everything in Isla Vista and on campus is within walking distance. The bus system is very effective, and bus use in the Santa Barbara area is free for students. The train station and the airport are within 10 minutes of driving from campus.

交通:Isla Vista和校园里的每一个地方走路都特别近。公交系统很高效,在校区内的公交,学生免费乘坐。火车站和机场10分钟车程就能到。

22.Local Area: One of the most beautiful places to life in California, in the US and perhaps in the world. Southern California coastal community paradise with so many adventures.


23. Local Area: Santa Barbara is absolutely beautiful, with plenty of fun shops and restaurants on State St. The actual UCSB campus is directly on the beach, so there's always an excellent view and going to the beach is always a convenient option.


















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