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文章摘要: 在Georgia Institute of Technology佐治亚理工学院就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了佐治亚理工学院的留学体验,以供参考。

在Georgia Institute of Technology佐治亚理工学院就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了佐治亚理工学院的留学体验,以供参考。

1. Academics: Aerospace Engineering is a tough major, but the community within the program is usually very supportive and the people are interested in the subject so they stick with it.


2. Academics: If I had the time to tell you how hard the academics were at this school, I could spend all day. However, it is because the workload is so large and the curriculum is so difficult that students can leave and go anywhere in the world actually being knowledgeable on the topics they studied here. There are so many opportunities to succeed that you can't blame anyone except yourself on failure.


3. Academics: Civil Engineering has a lot of resources and opportunities. The workload is high, but the professors are always available to help out. The curriculum is filled with courses you may not need directly, such as Thermodynamics, but are useful for Engineering. The building was recently renovated and inspires learning and collaboration. Internships are hard to land but there's lots of opportunities to get help to land one.


4. Majors: I am apart of the Electrical and Computer Engineering school of Georgia Tech and I really love it. The program isn't small but I am able to talk with my advisors and they can talk to me about programs I am join and teachers to look forward too. The workload is manageable, it's just finding the right schedule to fit everything in. The ECE building is old, but my department also shares Klaus with Computer Science, so we get to use their nice facilities. Concerning internships, talk to advisors soon. There are so many job opportunities, but in most cases you will have to fine tune your resume and interview skills to make it all work.


5. Majors: I'm a Mechanical Engineering major, and it's been good so far. Tough, and only going to get tougher, but rewarding. I've managed to get all A's and B's, learned how to manage my time, and finally figured out how to study. All of the engineering programs here are something like top 5 in the nation, which is awesome to be a part of.


6. Majors: Since the Industrial Engineering program is so span at Georgia Tech, I feel very comfortable with the resources and opportunities. I plan on applying the problem-solving logistics.


7. Greek Life: Going Greek was the BEST decision ever. I have never regretted it and I never will. I have already made life-long friends and the experience of both philanthropy and generally outings are so enriching.


8. Greek Life: I am not apart of Greek life, but it is something that I am considering. I've seen some of my friends really open up to the college atmosphere since becoming apart of Greek life.


9. Athletics: Since many of the facilities have been recently constructed, athletics is a huge part of the campus experience. Most everyone has either attended an athletic event and/or participated in sports. Whether club, intermurals, and/or varsity sports, everyone has an idea about the athletic scene. School spirit is essential and manifests itself greatly during the football season.


10. Athletics: School Spirit – During game seasons the whole school is completely devoted to supporting its players. The bleachers are packed out with an overflow. There is body-painting, vuvuzelas, costumes, etc.


11. Athletics: Very Energetic – Everyone is cheerful, they show a lot of great sportmanship, and everyone’s willing to work together.


12. Campus Food: Okay Most of the Time – There are 3 dining halls on campus. North Ave is only a year old and is really good most of the time. Sometimes it just gets repetitive. It's a good idea to get a lot of buzzfunds or Ramblin dollars with your meal plan so that when you're tired of the dining hall, you can get food at local restaurants in Tech Square or in the Student Center. Overall, there are a variety of things to eat on campus.

校园饮食:学校有三个餐厅,大部分时候都还可以。North Ave才开张一年,很棒,就是有时候菜单有些重复。在用餐计划中加入buzzfunds或Ramblin是个不错的主意,因为当你厌烦了食堂,可以在Tech广场的本地餐馆或者学生中心吃饭。总体来说,学校有很多种类的食物。

13. Campus Housing: Social Life on Campus – The Campus offers many different options for freshmen including Freshmen Experience which has great social get-togethers


14. Campus Housing: Not bad options, the apartments are what you would expect for an appt. in midtown atlanta, some even have some really nice views.


15. Health & Safety: Our campus security is always on duty. If you're feeling unsafe, they will assist you. We do have frequent robberies (possibly once a month) because we live right in the heart of downtown Atlanta. However, as soon as an incident occurs, an email alert is sent out to everyone. I feel relatively safe on campus. I am smart about walking alone at night though.


16. Health & Safety: The GT campus police are always on call and make sure the campus is a safe place to be. They offer numerous services that put people at ease.


17. Transportation: On campus transportation is great! Four different routes and a special night bus for those night owl working hard in the library. The Tech Trolley also drops you off from campus to MARTA, which is the city's subway system. MARTA isn't the best subway system because it doesn't take you EVERYWHERE, but it can drop you off in main parts of the city, including shopping malls and the airport.


18. Transportation: Being in Atlanta with the world's busiest airport is a blessing. Access to the country is limitless.


19. Local Area: Many opportunities for social events and personal/professional development. A hub for industry and virtually any type of experience from theater, symphony, to NFL games, professional basketball, art exhibits, drinks/clubbing, etc.


20. Local Area: GIT is one of the best Colleges in Georgia not only because of the Learning system but also because of the place that located. It located in near Emory and it is surrounded by many wondering things such as CNN and Coca-Cola company. If you have time, go and visit those including Georgia Institute of Technology.






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