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文章摘要: 在University of Florida佛罗里达大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了佛罗里达大学的留学体验,以供参考。

在University of Florida佛罗里达大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了佛罗里达大学的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: All of the professors I've had thus far in my two semesters of attending this school have been fantastic and care about their students. The curriculum really isn't too terrible, especially since I'm an education major. Registration process is so beautiful and easy... love it. Workload also isn't bad at all, I have a lot of free time this semester. Love studying in Marston Library and Library West, two of my favorite locations.

学术:来到这个学校两个学期的时间我所遇到的两个教授都非常出色,对学生也非常关心。课程设置不是那么糟糕,尤其我学的教育专业。登记手续非常轻松简单。我喜欢!学习压力也不是那么大,这个学期,我有很多空闲时间。我爱在 Marston 图书馆和西图书馆学习,那是我最喜欢的两个场所。

2.Academics: Finance is a relatively challenging major at my school. I think I am becoming extremely prepared for a future career in Finance because of my plight at my university. I think the college of business is extensively supportive of their students. There are comstantly career fairs and info sessions focused on furthering your career and positioning yourself in better places for opportunities. The Dean of our college often reminds us that no one wants a degree that is vanilla! You want your experiences at the university to be valuable and be more than just a piece of paper. Having those words of encouragement motivate me to push through my workload and continue to be involved on campus.


3.Academics: The curriculum, professors, and workload at UF have all been pretty great so far. The professors are all understanding, the curriculum is span, and the workload isn't too heavy so that students are not completely overwhelmed. There are also study abroad programs for students to get a true life and college experience.


4.Majors: I love all of my professors and what they teach. You need to look really good on paper to get initially accepted into UF. Low GPAs and test scores will kill your chances of getting accepted.


5.Majors: I always feel fortunate to be at such a great academic institution. The faculty is amazing and truly care about the well-being of their students. Courses are video-taped to accommodate different learning styles. And changes are actively made based on our feedback.


6.Majors: Finance in the Warrington school of Business is extremely well promoted and supported. There are so many opportunities to be involved within the school whether its being a warrington diplomat, cap mentor, or even a peer leader among multiple other leadership experiences and business organizations. The workload is manageable but can be tough to keep up the critical tracking gpa.


7.Majors: There are countless internships available through the school you are in for your major. I am in the College of Journalism, and about 15 internships are posted weekly. It's very easy to apply and get involved right away.


8.Majors: The University of Florida is enormous, with thousands of students enrolled in the Warrington College of Business Administration. All of these students must take these 7 required courses before continuing on with their specific major. These classes, and most classes, are taught by a professor, not just a graduate student. In order to cater to these thousands of students, most of the classes required are going to be online lectures. Basically 50% of your education is going to be behind a computer screen. However, there are countless opportunities to get involved in the business school and to meet other business students.


9.Diversity: VERY diverse campus. We have students from virtually every ethnic, cultural, and religious background you can imagine. Additionally, we have students from a wide variety of family structures - not everyone here grew up in a "mom and dad, 2 kids, and a dog" type of situation.


10.Diversity: Everyone at UF is very open to gaining more knowledge about others religious backgrounds, culture, and heritage. No matter if your white, black, or Asian, you will have no problem finding a supportive diverse group of friends.


11.Diversity: There are endless groups for every minority available, even the super-rude westboro demonstrationists are allowed to speak their mind in the main plaza. People may naturally flock together but I've never seen any discrimination.


12.Athletics: UF spends a lot of time and money on athletes and amenities for them. It's not uncommon for students to joke that a huge chunk of our tuition goes to athletics.


13.Athletics: Athletics are probably the funnest part about UF. Football games, baseball games, basketball games, etc. They all bring the students and even parents together as one, and it is such a fun experience. Our school spirit is ridiculously high, we literally bleed orange and blue.


14.Campus Food: The dining hall gets really old towards the end of the year. I would suggest not getting the unlimited plan, after a month or so you don't use it as much. Otherwise, you do have a decent amount of options that are included in your meal plan if you plan the use of your flex bucks right.


15.Campus Food: University of Florida has such a wide variety of food to eat on campus. There are so many restaurants, and they are all ones we know and love. I think the best part about the campus food is how accessible it is. There are restaurants and convenience stores everywhere so you never have to go too far away from classes for a meal or a snack. I would definitely not recommend eating on campus everyday just because it can get a little pricey, but if you forgot your lunch and can spare the cash the University of Florida has some awesome options for food.


16.Campus Food: Luckily everything on UF is relatively close so even if you aren't a huge fan of chick-fil-a, subway or the Pod, Midtown is not far from the Hub and has a good variety of food choices but they are not affiliated with UF so you cannot use the meal plan to pay for it!

校园饮食:幸运的是,佛罗里达大学离哪儿都不远,所以即使你不是 chick-fil-a, subway 或者 the Pod的超级粉丝,城市中心距离Hub也不远,那里有很多不同的食物选择种类,但他们不隶属于佛罗里达大学,你不能用餐卡消费。

17.Campus Housing: I love living on campus because I am so close to my classes. It easy to walk to class and walk back in between in case you forget something or for lunch. I personally also think it is safer to live on campus since most of my exams take place from 8:00-10:00pm at night.


18.Campus Housing: Living on campus is as convenient as it gets. You're close to just about everything you'd need, and if you feel walking or biking to your destination is too much there is always a bus stop nearby. Dorms are decent, though I'd definitely recommend not living in a community dorm if you like your privacy. Amenities are great, especially for fitness and activities. Social atmosphere directly relates to who you hang out with, and can be both fun and studious.


19.Administration: This school is a great place for expressing yourself and bringing your ideas to life, and that is showcased by the ease of use and availability of the resources. There are rules in place as far as on-campus living goes, but they are pretty lenient as long as you're not bothering anyone. That being said, the parking situation is ridiculous; it costs a fortune (even for a scooter), it's almost always impossible to find parking, and you CAN NOT catch a break when it comes to "parking violations." The parking situation is something that the university SERIOUSLY needs to revise.


20.Health & Safety: I currently live off campus and I personally feel safer on campus than I do around my own neighborhood even though it is an 8 minute difference. I constantly see campus patrols and police officers circling the campus and they have "safety poles" spread through out campus which pretty much with a push of a button calls the cops. Even though there are several crimes on campus, it is normal.


21.Health & Safety: I feel incredibly safe on campus. I feel like I can walk home at 1am in the morning and everything will be fine.


22.Transportation: The RTS at UF is wonderful. The buses take you almost anywhere you need to get to including the mall, classes, the dining halls, the stadium, off campus housing, shopping centers and more. They are reliable and there is even an app for tracking the buses. There is no cost because it comes with being a UF student so all you have to do is flash your ID and hop on the bus.There are many different routes and buses to take so it is fairly easy to get to where you need quickly.


23.Transportation: I am usually never left without a transportation option. From safe vans that run on campus late at night to the buses that run virtually everywhere and stop anywhere, there are good ways to get around.


24.Local Area: It's a great place to live and study. I am just not sure I will want to still be here after 8 years. Many people do fall in love with Gainesville and stay here forever.














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