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文章摘要: 在Brown University布朗大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了布朗大学的留学体验,以供参考。

在Brown University布朗大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了布朗大学的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: Brown really does live up to its prestigious name when it comes to education. Answering this after completing one semester of college, I can truly say that I have learned an unbelievable amount since arriving here. Its science department is amazing. Its math department is amazing. (As an engineering major I cannot speak for other areas of concentration). The only criticism I have is for its engineering department. Its intro course is new and still undergoing some renovation issues, but higher level courses have a reputation for being amazing. If you are planning to be an engineer and can stand the first year, then the curriculum will be great.

In terms of choosing courses, we get a "shopping period." We can "sample" as many classes as we want during this period (usually the first two weeks into a semester) to get a feel for the class. After this period you can officially register for the course. This gives students the opportunity to really explore classes and to get to know them before deciding on whether or not to take the course.

Brown's open curriculum also gives you chances students at other schools do not receive. Aside from taking required courses towards your major and fulfilling a not-very-intense writing requirement, you can take literally any class you want to take and qualify for. This allows you really shape a college curriculum that you will love. This allows you to explore areas that you did not know you liked. Heck, it might even shape the major you eventually choose! All in all, Brown has an outstanding curriculum.




2.Academics: The academics at Brown are very undergraduate-oriented. I have had no problem exploring the different departments for possible concentrations, and I even have a few friends creating independent concentrations. Brown's academic excellence is due to the open curriculum: outside of whatever concentration you choose, there are no required classes. This freedom, coupled with the resources Brown offers, is unmatched.


3.Academics: Excellent academics are the cornerstone of a Brown education. The Open Curriculum distinguishes Brown from other top schools, allowing students to take any classes they want as long as they satisfy requirements for a concentration.


4.Academics: Brown has amazing academics- once you commit to a concentration there are plenty of resources to help you in whatever ways you might need.


5.Academics: Brown in one word is "unique" and this extends to academics. Every single students academic plan will differ from the next thanks to the open curriculum.


6.Majors: I have not yet declared a major, but I have not heard of anyone's having issues declaring one. I don't think there are any majors you have to apply to get into (except an Independent Concentration, which you have to get approved for), usually it's just if you want to major in something and can pass the required classes then you're fine.


7.Majors: I am incredibly happy with my program. I think that being an Independent Concentrator has been an important facet of my experience at Brown, and it has allowed me to take the fullest advantage of the New Curriculum.


8.Majors: Internship opportunities at Brown, for me, have been wonderful. Good pay, medium time commitment, and reasonable responsibilities.


9.Diversity: Most people at Brown would tell you that we are willing to discuss at length most types of diversity - in regards to race, religion, politics, sexuality, gender identity, etc. We remain hesitant to address socioeconomic status. To be clear, Brown is home to many lower-class and middle class students, making it very diverse. But like other top schools, Brown draws disproportionately from very wealthy families. This economic divide is the last taboo on campus.


10.Diversity: Brown is extremely diverse! You are bound to meet people from all walks of life (ethnic, sexual, religious, national). Everyone is also very nice and accepting of differences. In general, it's just really cool to learn in such a diverse, beautiful place! If the College could improve, it would be in the areas of political and economic diversity though. Most students are left-leaning, and in general, students are pretty well off (especially transfers and internationals, since Brown is need-aware for them). That's pretty typical though


11.Diversity: Brown University is a liberal institution, which is not only reflected in the open curriculum, but also in the diversity of students in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion. Students have varying beliefs and values, but they share the same all-inclusive and curious demeanor that epitomizes the open-minded Brown student. Students engage in intelligent conversations about oppression, discrimination, and inequality inside and outside of the classroom, ultimately providing people with greater knowledge of the experiences of their peers and leading them to make attitudinal changes. Be prepared to have your existing beliefs/notions challenged over and over again!


12.Administration: Brown is the absolute best when it comes to campus strictness. So long as you are keeping yourself and others safe, you can basically do whatever you want and be whoever you want to be without any administrative or social pressure. Brown is only strict when it comes to honor code and safety issues, such as sexual assault incidents. Simply put: Brown is open to letting you be independent but will put its foot down when the situation calls for it.


13.Administration: It's not easy to actually get in trouble at Brown. You have to be pretty stupid or basically looking for it. Brown Police is not out to get students, they really are just there to keep us safe. The only thing is that campus parties do get shut down a lot, but that's due to inevitable overcrowding and high noise levels of the better parties. Having visitors is incredibly easy. Nobody has to be notified- it's great because that seems like it would be a huge hassle. Cheating is taken very seriously, though it is known that in certain concentrations it happens quite a bit. Creating new student organizations is a process, but it is not difficult.


14.Administration: One aspect that makes Brown unique is how liberal it is. They are very open to new ideas and to everyone. So starting new clubs, protests and demonstrations, and other ways to voice your opinion is almost unlimited. Brown is still strict with essential rules and policies, such as dorms and criminal activity.


15.Guys & Girls: Definitely pretty girls and nice looking guys. There is a place called Jo's that serves chopped salads for dinner and most dorms have a gym/gym nearby, so it is easier than it is at many places to keep fit if you want to. I don't know as many girls who put on pounds at Brown compared to schools at home, so that definitely enhances attractiveness. Only complaint is again that there are so many more gay boys than girls, so dating is extremely competitive for girls. It is good for the straight guys (esp straight athletes/frat guys who are attractive), because there will always be a line of too many ladies, but definitely not optimal for us girls!


16.Guys & Girls: Brown students are famously attractive. However, the strong hook up culture means that many people seem not to be looking for long-term relationships.


17.Athletics: Students in Brown are quite involved with different sports, it has a beautiful large fields and athletics facilities, and it organizes many events with other universities like Brown vs. Harvard last week, for the intramural sports, I enjoy swimming and playing Squash which give me a break from study


18.Athletics: I love the sports teams! They really keep the campus together socially and throw some of the best parties. Many live off-campus, which is an advantage to the frats on campus parties, since they don't get broken up immediately. Attendance at sporting events isn't great- I went to like two games the whole time I was at Brown, even though I knew a lot of athletes!


19.Campus Food: The dining halls are okay, though there's not a lot of variety and healthy options are limited. Blue Room, Andrews, and Jo's are great — good variety and good quality, and they have some interesting/unique options (Asian fusion, made-to-order sandwiches, burrito bowls, etc). But it's the same price at those places whether you pay with cash or meal plan, so there's not much of a point to being on meal plan after freshman year.


20.Campus Housing: The best think i like it's all in one building size. You dont have to walk a mile to get to class and its only one class at a time. The length of class is short. The ability of the teacher to focus on students and teaching i mean teaching.


21.Campus Housing: The dorms are very spacious, many are recently renovated, and the sense of community you have with residents is unbeatable.


22.Health & Safety: The university has taken steps to improve safety on campus. At night, we have safe ride- a shuttle service, safe walk- a service for two employed students to walk you where you need to go so you aren't alone, Brown University Police, blue lights, and Brown security posted in various spots on campus at night. I feel very safe, although there are the occasional crimes, like people getting robbed on the street or getting their bikes stolen.


23.Transportation: The airport is not in walking distance, but there is a shuttle from campus to the airport that runs every so often. People also take cabs. The train station and Peter Pan/Greyhound Bus terminal are both 15-20 minute walk from campus. Brown students can use RIPTA (Rhode Island public transit) for free, which can take you pretty much anywhere in Providence, but most major downtown locations are pretty easy to walk to. There's a Brown shuttle (free) that goes around campus but campus is pretty walk-able, so I only really use that when it's cold or I'm tired.

交通:机场不在步行距离范围之内,但有一个通勤班车自校内发往机场。人们也可以乘坐出租车。火车站和皮特潘/灰狗巴士车站距离学校也只有20分钟左右的步行距离。布朗大学的学生可以免费使用 RIPTA(罗德岛公共交通服务),几乎能带你去普罗维登斯的任何地方。其实,市区的很多地方都可以步行去的。有一个布朗大学班车(免费)在校内巡回停靠接人,但校内的很多地方都可以步行去,所以,我只是在天冷或者自己很疲倦的时候才会乘车。

24.Local Area: The atmosphere of Providence supplements Brown. As a student at Brown, you probably won't be leaving Brown's bubble to go interact with JWU students or Providence College students. However, Providence offers what many other cities offer. There are always local concerts, somewhere to go eat, activities to explore (such as the Waterfire). Providence Mall is also a really cool place to go shopping because it is so massive. Providence has a lot to offer.














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