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文章摘要: 在Rice University莱斯大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了莱斯大学的留学体验,以供参考。

在Rice University莱斯大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了莱斯大学的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: I consider academics at Rice to be too difficult and constantly feel stupid compared to my peers. The community is very nurturing and competitive and students rarely if ever discuss grades, but I find classes incredibly challenging. Though Rice is known more for its innovations in science and math, humanities classes are equally respected in my experience and just as challenging. Students often continue academically-minded work outside of the classroom setting in clubs, research activities or just dinnertime discussion. There is an intellectual air around campus distinct from other equally prestigious but less nerdy schools. Some potential students may find it off-putting, but Rice students love to geek out.I'm on the staff for Catalyst, Rice's undergraduate research journal, and help with the ICSJ, a similar journal drawing from Rice and 10 other peer colleges in the US and UK. I'm also in Owlchemy, Rice's chemical society, which has provided some amazing travel/research opportunities and introduced me to some great friends on campus. Whatever academic interests you have, Rice probably has at least two clubs for each and you will be accepted by all.

学术:我觉得莱斯大学的学术方面很难,并且我一直认为跟同龄人相比我觉得我很愚蠢。校园社区生活很注重培养学生也很有挑战性,学生都很少讨论学分的事情,我觉得课程方面太难了。尽管莱斯大学以科学和数学方面的创新而闻名,但以我的经历,人文方面的课程也同样收到重视,也都很有难度。学生们经常在课外聚集在俱乐部进行学术性工作或者举行调研活动,也或者是在就餐时间进行一番讨论。学校萦绕着很浓的智慧氛围,这和其他知名但是学生都很宅的学校不同。可能有一些学生会觉得这里有点令人不快,但是莱斯大学的学生喜欢努力学习。我是莱斯大学本科杂志 Catalyst里的一员,我帮助ICSJ做事,这是一个半月刊,由莱斯大学和其他美国和英国的10个同类大学承办。我也在Owlchemy里做事,这是莱斯大学的化学园地,这能提供一些很棒的旅行/调研的机会,也让我认识了很多很优秀的朋友。不论你有什么样的学术爱好,莱斯大学每至少有两个俱乐部适合你,你会被他们全部接纳的。

2.Academics: Teachers are INCREDIBLE, and there is no core curriculum outside of the easily fulfilled distribution requirements (take a few humanities courses, a few social science courses, and a few natural science courses before graduating). You can explore countless fields and disciplines of study with engaging and passionate professors.


3.Academics: The reason why we all chose Rice is academics really. I have learned so so so much in this first semester alone. There are some courses that are infamously bad (looking at you General Chemistry I), but for the most part professors are incredibly knowledgeable and the courses themselves are insanely informative. The Freshman Writing Intensive Seminar requirement can be a bit hit or miss though, you can pick a really good FWIS or a really bad one.


4.Majors: I worked at an architecture from so I got to see what it is like to have a business in the architecture world, it is not quite like school. I learned a great deal about architecture, business, and customer service.


5.Majors: The variety of majors/minors is incredible, and double, triple, quadruple, and even quintuple (not unheard of) majoring is very doable and common (unless you're in engineering, music, or architecture). Meeting major requirements and graduating in four years is very easy.


6.Majors:The process of getting into my Bioengineering major was easy. There is no special application process when applying to the school. Although you have the choice to declare your major until your sophomore year, if you are thinking of majoring in engineering, I suggest you start early because there are lots of general requirements you need to complete in order to graduate on time.


7.Administration: The administration generally understands student concerns well, and acts accordingly. I feel that they have our best interest in mind most of the time, however sometimes decisions are made that are more political in nature than what is really good for the student body.


8.Administration: Rice uses the Honor code system. The university trusts you not to cheat. As a result of the honor code you can have take-home or unproctored tests which are nice. However, if you break the honor code Rice will be very strict. Honor code violations are arbitrated in front of the Honor Council, a student body.


9.Diversity: Rice is an extremely diverse campus and additionally, a very accepting campus. Students are comfortable with being themselves and are not ashamed or afraid to express themselves as they wish.


10.Diversity: The Rice community is a very accepting community. Your ideas on alcohol, gender, sex, religion, etc. will be pretty much accepted. In terms of international students, Chinese and Korean students have their organizations that support one another and can be a bit cliquey. If you use a different language to communicate with people you know from your own country it is likely to be accepted, but in a group of mostly the same language background the non-speaker can feel a bit left out as the same language speakers already have the connection of their own community and sense of belonging.


11.Athletics: I've only gone to varsity sporting events to support friends that were participating. It's not like we are bad; we won five conference championships. its just not a big part of the culture here. IM and club sports are Bae. They are great ways to make friends. The competitiveness of the residential colleges leads to tons of fun and college pride.


12.Athletics: Intramural sports between the colleges are a big part of campus life and widely participated in. Varsity sports are not as well followed, but people still have a strong sense of pride in the football and baseball teams, and athletes are well integrated with fellow students.


13.Guys & Girls: It's absolutely whatever you want it to be. There are so many different people here with different backgrounds it's very easy to find whatever you're interested in romantically or socially.


14.Guys & Girls: Rice University girls get WAY less credit than they deserve. Ok, they are not super models, but lets face it, neither are you. It is possible to meet really cute girls here, but what really sells me on Rice girls is talking to them. Talking to them you find out about their passions and drives. You're just left like, "Wow, you are an incredible person." Experiences like that happen frequently at Rice. It is part of Rice University being so selective, everyone here is amazing.


15.Guys & Girls: Rice students are friendly without exception, and I usually don't make blanket statements like that. Though many can be reserved, there are a wide spectrum of personalities from introverts to extroverts - however, a unifying theme is that everyone has hidden talents. A conversation with any Rice student will uncover amazing stories, interests, and insights.


16.Campus Food: Five star chefs; the food is fantastic. If you don't like the menu at one servery, you are free to eat at any other servery, which is great. Every college is connected to a dining hall and has its own commons to eat (although some share serveries, each residential college has its own place to actually eat). The cooks are very accommodating and there are tons of options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. They are also open to suggestions and take feedback very seriously.


17.Campus Food: The food on campus is great and satisfying. At least it's food, but if you go off campus like in the Rice Village for dining, you would find more variety and more palatable options.


18.Campus Housing: While not all of the residential colleges are created equal in terms of housing facilities, even the "lesser" dorms are still some of the nicest I've seen. In general, the old colleges/dorms have been remodeled, and the new colleges are very nice. Rooms are large and there's plenty of space. Other colleges I've visited squeeze three people into 2/3 the space that my room,ate and I share. Also, unlike a lot of larger schools, you will usually only have a single roommate. Some dorms are organized into doubles with a shared bathroom (such as McMurtry), while others have communal bathrooms (such as Brown), and others are Suite-style with a common room (such as Weiss)

校园住宿:虽然不是所有的住宿学院在住宿设施上都一律等同,甚至会有一些“较差”的宿舍,但那依旧是我所见过是最好的房间了。总的来说,一些旧的的学院的宿舍房间都翻修过了,新学院都很好。房间都很大有很多空间。我到过其他一些学院把3个学生挤在只有我的房间2/3大的房间里!还有,不像其他一些大的学校,你通常只有一个室友。一些房间被设计成两个房间,有一个共用的洗浴间(比如,McMurtry),其他一些有公共卫生间(比如 Brown),还有一些是套间形式的,有公共房间(比如 Weiss)。

19.Campus Housing: Rice has a wonderful campus atmosphere! Most people live on campus for 3-4 years. Rice uses a college housing system similar to the house system in Harry Potter. You matriculate with a certain college and usually stay with the same college until you graduate. This system generates really friendly and close-knit college communities. Each college has a slightly different culture, government, dormitory style, and housing process.


20.Health & Safety: Rice University preaches about the culture of care. Students are meant to look after another's well-being. From my experience it seems true. At my first college party I drank too much and got sick. Several students with out hesitation helped me get back to my room and made sure I was ok. Since then, I always ask people at parties whether I know them or not if they are feeling well just to make sure they are fine.


21.Health & Safety: I feel incredibly safe on campus, though I recognize I am a very tall male and there may be others who feel differently. However, other students I have interacted with seem to find Rice as safe as I do. Rice's sexual assault policies are very clear and progressive. There are many sexual assault prevention/awareness discussions and events throughout the year, put on by both students and administration. Rice has its own very large police department and extensive security measures. The area around Rice is very affluent and nice, though a few assaults have happened near campus. As it is in the fourth largest city in the US, the campus will be more dangerous than somewhere rural.Healthcare on campus is top-notch. I had food poisoning (from somewhere far outside Houston!) and went to the student health center and they did a great job helping me. For more serious injuries, there is the world's largest medical center right across the street from campus with loads of trauma centers and Rice offers a cheap college insurance policy.The excellently maintained gym, pools and sports fields also promote health and wellness around campus.


22.Transportation: Easy to use SuperShuttle to get to one of the two airports. The Rice Shuttle makes trips to Rice Village on Friday and Saturday nights and trips to Target on Saturday afternoons. The metro system is pretty easy to navigate to get downtown or to Reliant Stadium. A lot of people have cars though, so you're likely to have a friend that has a car.


23.Transportation: Getting around campus is easy- it's a small school, and there are shuttles that run almost everywhere that you need to go, including Target and Rice Village for dinner on the weekends. Getting off campus is a bit more difficult, but we get free lift rail passes, so if something is along the metro line, then you can get there easily as well (downtown, museum district).


24.Local Area: Houston is a surprisingly (for me, coming from California where I knew nothing about Texas) vibrant city with many opportunities for students: great food, Hermann Park right beside campus, and many museums and other attractions very close to campus. Public transportation is not great, basically consisting of one light rail line, but this has two stops at campus and leads downtown. Uber or Zipcar are generally used for trips to destinations not reachable by rail.

本地概况:休斯顿是一个令人惊奇的充满活力的城市(我来自加利福尼亚,对德克萨斯一无所知),对学生而言充满了机会:美味的食物,赫尔曼公园就在学校旁边,许多博物馆和其他诱人的地方都距离学校很近。公共交通不是那么好,基本由一条地铁线组成,但学校这有两个站点可以直达市中心。Uber 或者 Zipcar是很常用的出行方式,可以去地铁去不了的地方。













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