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文章摘要: 在University of Notre Dame圣母大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了圣母大学的留学体验,以供参考。

在University of Notre Dame圣母大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了圣母大学的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: Can't say too much about it yet, but I love how supportive my professors have been of helping me get more into my majors (economics, political science) and going the extra mile to help me apply for research. Not overwhelming, but interesting. Great majors.


2.Academics: The College of Arts and Letters has lots of flexibility in double majoring, History and Econ are strong programs with amazing study abroad opportunities and internships.


3.Academics: The academics here are truly top notch and I really feel like I'm getting the best education in the country. The classes are very difficult but with hard work it is not impossible to still get good grades. The workload is definitely heavy but manageable.


4.Academics: The professors here are truly great and I have yet to have a professor that is not fully engaged in the material and willing to help their students. The curriculum is difficult but between the professors, other students, and studying on your own, there is no reason why you would not be able to succeed.


5.Majors: The brand name of Notre Dame is something that well stick with you forever if you go here. Companies and graduate schools know how great of an education ND provides and is always looking to recruit students. If you go to Notre Dame, you are pretty much set for life.


6.Majors: We have an abundance of major options all of which are highly regarded. To state the quality simply, those who find certain majors, especially engineering, too difficult frequently transfer into business as it is known for being easy; our undergrad business program is ranked #1 in the country.


7.Majors: To get into the Business school, I just had to declare Business as my major. However, because the school is so popular, incoming freshmen now have to apply as intended Business majors and the University is instating a quota, so it will be much more difficult to get into the Business school.


8.Diversity: It's an elite Catholic university, so mostly white, straight kids. More latinos than you'd expect. Lots of geographical diversity.


9.Diversity: Diversity is present on campus, but it is not overwhelming by any means. Racial diversity is pretty lacking, and because Notre Dame is a Catholic university, most students come from the same religious background. There is no anti-LGBT sentiment, but out LGBT students are rare.


10.Diversity: There is a lot of diversity here on campus, not only racially, but individually--we all have come from different backgrounds and have unique stories to tell.


11.Athletics: Notre Dame football is incredibly fun, whether the team is winning or losing. Football season is so good that people schedule their study abroad options around it and the alumni basically throw the students a party during tailgating time. Basketball and hockey are also fun, but nothing close to what football is. Intramurals and dorm sports are super fun and many people get involved.


12.Athletics: Everyone comes together for all of the sports on campus whether it be soccer, basketball, hockey, and football of course. Athletics are definitely a huge part of campus, especially football. If we lose a game, it is extremely obvious that night.


13.Athletics: The school spirit of ND is fueled very much so by our athletics department. Every year we achieve the honor of being the national champions in some sport or another and that is extremely vital to continually fueling the fire. We are all invested in sports in one way or another.


14.Guys & Girls: The girls here are extremely attractive and very smart, both of which I admire in a woman.


15.Guys & Girls: Both sexes are generally pretty fit (as ND is a very fit campus), and consequently have relatively attractive bodies. Most people dress comfortably, and there generally isn't any pressure to dress out of your way unless its for particular events (whether it be for parties or interviews). There is generally a wide array of interests among both sexes. A lot of people give ND girls flak, and as such, I was worried there wouldn't be many attractive girls. When I got to campus, I definitely realized that my worry wasn't necessary, as there are a bunch of fit, happy, intelligent girls everywhere on campus. I wouldn't say that 100 percent of them are supermodels, but is that really true anywhere? They are a great bunch.


16.Administration: Boy dorms throw great parties, but girl dorms can't have any. Parietals are strictly enforced. Alcohol is very easy to get and drink, but don't even think about drugs. You will be kicked off campus


17.Administration: Very forward thinking for the administration to allow alcohol under 14% in the dorms. While they claim they don't want underage kids drinking, the RAs enforce the rules so the enforcement varies. Most RAs are fine with underage kids drinking as long as it is safe. Give freshman a reason to stay on campus rather than going off and getting in trouble with the law. As for other aspects of the administration, because it is a Catholic school, it is slow to change and stubborn on some issues.

校园管理:在管理方面,学校思维很超前,允许在宿舍饮酒。但不允许未到法定饮酒年龄的人喝酒, RAs强制实施规则,所以强制效果有所不同。很多时候未成年人饮酒,RAs也不在意,这也给新生一个很好的待在学校而不是去校外惹麻烦的理由。至于校园管理的其他方面,因为这是一个天主教大学,改变会有一点慢,有时候在一些问题上甚至有点固执。

18.Campus Food: Incredible--couldn't ask for better dining hall food. Also, the other foods on campus are open 24 hours and are the perfect foods for the middle of the night (taco bell and pizza hut). I've never ever been unhappy with the food situation on campus and I'm a fairly picky eater.


19.Campus Food: You won't go hungry here! There is always plenty to eat, through the huge variety in the dining hall and daily staples like soups, salads, sandwiches, and pasta bar. On the run, it is easy to grab something on your walk to class, and there are plenty of coffee shops scattered across class buildings to get your daily fix. Dining halls also offer Grab N Go that counts as a meal swipe, which can be convenient when you don't have time to sit and eat in the dining hall. And if the dining hall does get boring, there are so many "brand-name" chains to eat at on campus or very nearby: Subway, Au Bon Pain, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Chipotle, Starbucks, and Five Guys to name a few. There are also some campus-affiliated eateries, like Reckers, Cafe De Grasta, the O'Shag cafe, and the Huddle grocery store with some prepackaged stuff. Moral of the story: you won't go hungry, and you'll more likely than not get to eat things you like with all our options.

校园饮食:这里你不会挨饿的!餐厅总是会有很多好吃的东西,比如汤类、沙拉、三明治和面食吧。时间紧急的话,你也总能在上课的路上找到吃的。遍布教学楼附近都有很多咖啡店,可以去那里放松消遣。餐厅还提供 Grab N Go,你没时间在餐厅吃饭的时候,这是很便利的选择。如果你吃腻了餐厅的食物,学校或者学校附近还有很多品牌连锁店,比如 Reckers, Cafe De Grasta, 以及O'Shag cafe,还有一家打包外卖的零售店。总的来说:你不会挨饿!可能出现的情况是你不吃自己喜欢的食物了,因为我们这里有那么多更好的选择。

20.Campus Housing: The dorm system is one of the best parts about the university; it's like Greek life without the pressure and with more fun. However, some of the dorms are old--they're gorgeous and full of history, but depending on which building you end up in, you might be in a very small room or a building with no air conditioning. Most rooms, though, are a good size, and the older dorms have the nicest common spaces.


21.Health & Safety: I have never felt unsafe on campus, at an off-campus party, or in any other social setting. Students here are overall respectful and take care of others in the community--people will go out of their way to walk people back to their dorms or take care of them even if they don't know them. There are a few bad eggs, but overall, rape culture is not a problem.


22.Health & Safety: Campus crime rates at ND seem to be less than at most places. ND has its own police force, the campus remains pretty well-lit throughout the night, ND security walks around on most nights patrolling, and a lot of people tend to look out for each other.


23.Transportation: transportation includes public bus which runs to various locations in the city and taxis. Bus has convenient and frequent pick-up times. Taxis only available by phone call; price typical. Bus transportation to airports for breaks and vacation very convenient, many pick-up times and good price for distance.


24.Transportation: Cabs are easy to access, however, sometimes they over charge knowing we are Notre Dame students. However, the public bus route runs frequently to everywhere we need to go and it is free.














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