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文章摘要: 在美国约翰•霍普金斯大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了约翰•霍普金斯大学的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: Academics are top-notch. Professors are incredibly helpful if you ask for help. Registration is super easy online (albeit a bit crazy since everyone clicks "register" at exactly the same time). Workload is difficult but manageable if you work out a good schedule for yourself. There are plenty of study aid options that the school definitely advertises at the beginning of the year with private tutoring, group study sessions, office hours, TA help hours, etc. Finally, there are PLENTY of nice studying areas on campus, from the amazing library to the jazzy cafes to glass-walled reading rooms. It's definitely an environment of academia.


2.Academics: Professors rock, curriculum is pretty reasonable, class registration is a pain but as long as you're prepared and wake up on time it works out, the workload is absolutely bonkers but nobody goes to Hopkins expecting state-school level academic rigor, and the library is the most popular spot on campus.


3.Academics: There are not enough good words for my department and the amazing professors in it. Love the courses, love the workload, love Gilman Hall. The only complaints I have are in terms of the lack of preparation for application to MFA programs/jobs with my major, and the philosophy course requirement.

学术:都没有足够好的语言来形容我们院系和超赞的教授。我喜欢这里的课程,我喜欢这些繁重的学习任务,我喜欢 Gilman大厅。或许,唯一一点抱怨是这里没有我的专业里关于准备申请MFA(艺术硕士)项目/工作的安排,也没有哲学课程的要求。

4.Academics: Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies is the best in its field for international affairs. I have attained proficiency in Mandarin Chinese and have broadened my knowledge to include economics.


5.Majors: It is no doubt that Washington DC is the best place for students to find their dream jobs and internship opportunities; it is a gold mine! The reality is that many internships positions in many international organizations are unpaid. If that is the case, JHU SAIS offers the minimum payment as a subsidy to the students as much as 1000 dollars per month. Favorite choices among students are the World Bank and IMF.

专业:无疑,华盛顿地区是学生心中的最好的寻找他们梦寐以求的工作或者实习的地方。它就是一座金矿!实际情况是许多国际公司机构的实习岗位是无薪的。那种情况下,约翰•霍普金斯大学的SAIS(School of Advanced International Studies高级国际研究学院)会给学生提供最低生活标准的津贴,每月1000美元。学生最喜欢的实习岗位是世界银行或者世界货币基金组织。

6.Majors: Engineering Mechanics at Hopkins allows you to pursue many interests because of the flexibility of the requirements. I am an Engineering Mechanics Major with a biomechanics concentration, a robotics minor and a premed student.


7.Majors: You choose what program you want, and then you're in! The only exception is if you want to go into biomedical engineering, which is the only major on campus you have to "apply" to get into.


8.Majors: The biomedical engineering program at Johns Hopkins University is ranked number one IN THE WORLD. And there are reasons that fact is true. The facility and faculties are top notch and they make sure the students are in the best care. The BME students have a separate student mentor, separate lab rooms, and etc.


9.Majors: The faculty is world-class from brilliant published authors to famous literary critics. The curriculum allows you to pursue poetry and fiction, but also dabble with screen writing, science writing, nonfiction, drama writing, etc. Workload is intense, but you'll become a great writer if you take advantage of the resources.


10.Diversity: The student body here is extremely diverse; it's hard to be in a classroom without seeing a wide variety of ethnicities. There's a strong mix of backgrounds and nationalities. However, there isn't much variance in other aspects. Most students here come from well-off families that can pay the hefty tuition bill. While most students seem to lean left politically, most are educated enough that interesting debates can be held.


11. Administration: I think the administration definitely cares about students. Some policies concerning frat parties or drinking are especially strict or unreasonable, but they are definitely working with students to try and make the social environment better.


12.Guys & Girls: No one in my program dates until they are ready to get married, though four in my class were married over the past year.


13. Guys & Girls: Girls are decently attractive. The guys are sociable and well-mannered. Together, although the people at Hopkins are not the most attractive as a whole, their overall appearance combined with their intellect makes for one appealing student body.


14.Campus Food: Normally food is not that bad, but there could definitely be more options in the FFC. CharMar is ridiculously expensive.


15.Campus Housing: SOME JHU housing is amazing--like Charles Commons for sophomores. But it depends on the lottery number. You could get placed into McCoy as a sophomore, which is by no means awful, but a far cry from the newness of Charles Commons with all its amenities and in-house cafeteria

校园住宿:约翰•霍普金斯大学的一些宿舍房间,比如为大二学生准备的“Charles Commons”都是很棒的。但是也是要看运气的。你大二也可能在McCoy那里落脚,那里绝对不算糟糕,但是与Charles Commons相差很多,Charles Commons有各种设施和室内咖啡。

16. Health & Safety: The campus security is always present, yet it seems somehow invisible. We are educated in security resources and given a walk to show the border of the patrol and thus safe/unsafe areas.


17. Health & Safety: The city isn't the safest, but the university definitely puts a lot of effort into security guards and making sure students are safe, so I actually feel quite safe walking around campus. There are blue light poles everywhere on campus so if I feel unsafe, I can just press the button and a security guard can walk me home or whatever.


18. Transportation: The public transportation options for Hopkins students are practical and free. Hopkins is also close to the Baltimore Penn station, so taking buses or trains from there is never a problem.


19.Local Area: Best place in the world to feel the most advanced political, academic, and cultural life around Dupont Circle in Washington DC。

当地概况:在华盛顿DC地区Dupont Circle附近这是最好的地方,你能感受到最先进的政治氛围,最好的学术风气,和丰富多彩的文化生活。

20.Local Area: Baltimore is awesome! There is seriously so much here, for all types of people, and as long as you're smart/safe, there are unlimited options for fun things to do.






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