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文章摘要: 在维克森林大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了维克森林大学的留学体验,以供参考。


1.Academics: The business program is different in that it's the only group of majors where it's necessary to go through an application process. You have to take multiple classes (included the weeder class of accounting, which they make incredibly difficult, and that's in comparison to the rest of Wake Forest classes, which by no means are a walk in the park), fill out the application, go to advising sessions, write an essay, and ultimately apply and await for your admission decision. The business school is nationally ranked at #11 in the country and for good reason. The professors are all incredibly smart and business-savvy (one of my professors was both a CEO and CFO of a major company)


2.Academics: The academics at Wake, simply put are as good as you'll find. All of the professors are incredibly intelligent and have a genuine interest in students and want to see them succeed. Fair warning though: the workload is an absolute beast, you will have to work, and you will have to work much harder than you did in high school.


3.Academics: I'm an English major, and it's been awesome so far! Last semester we had several poets come to read selections from their work, which was exciting, and we also have an annual poetry contest for writers.


4.Academics: Honestly, even on the hardest nights at the ZSR or even when I got a lower grade than I'd hoped for, I loved the academics at Wake. My professors were (I felt) hard-working, responsive to questions and problems, and seemed to enjoy their jobs. I don't know much about the natural sciences or business school professors but I loved my Poli Sci (now Politics and international affairs), my language professors and other electives I took. I was challenged and given grades I deserved for my work and my ability. I worked hard and was rewarded for it with post-graduate success. I think Wake blends research and learning for the sake of learning very well.


5.Majors: Most programs at Wake are really good. You get what you put in. So don't be surprised if the com. major is struggling to find a job while the accounting major is working for a big 4 firm.


6.Majors: Internship is required for the business school, they have advisers that help students through every step of the process to find the best possible internship. The 5 year accounting students have a required internship during their second semester senior year which more often than not results in job offers.


6.Majors: The business program is great at Wake with a required internship the summer before Senior year though most business school kids usually have one the summer before as well.


7.Diversity: Wake's not the most diverse place, but it is what it is. The stereotype of everyone at Wake being rich white kids from super republican families isn't necessarily true, the diversity is there if you seek it out.


8.Athletics: We are pretty good at sports such as basketball, soccer and field hockey while being in a large conference in the ACC. Our football sucks and no one goes to the games only the tailgates before.


9.Athletics: The sports teams are a pretty big part of campus, particularly football and basketball. Although both fan support and team play has been limited the past few years, people still come out for games and keep tabs on how they are doing. Also a large portion of campus comes out in the fall to tailgate together which is always fun. One other thing that I've noticed at wake that many other schools don't have is that because of the small size it is easy to have multiple athletes on your hall alone and to pretty easily hang out and befriend them. This connection makes watching games all the more cool because you are seeing kids that you know on espn and playing the best teams in the country.

体育:体育活动是校园生活的很大一部分,尤其是橄榄球和篮球。尽管这几年粉丝和球队比赛活动都有所限制,人们还是会出来看比赛,还是会讨论比赛的情况。另外很多人出来聚集到一起也是一件很有趣的事儿。另一个我注意到的其他学校没有的是:因为校园规模较小,你很容易会在大厅里看到很多体育运动员,你很容易就能和他们聊在一起成为朋友。因为这一层关系,你在看比赛的时候会觉得更酷了,因为你在ESPN电视台(ESPN: Entertainment Sports Programing Network娱乐体育节目电视网)看你认识的人在和最好的队伍比赛。

10. Administration: Wake truly gives students their rights to freedom of speech when students approach matters in an intelligent, not extremely offensive way. As for alcohol and drugs, they crack down more on things that happen in dorm rooms then anything else. Trust me when I say don't smoke or play loud music at a pregame in your dorm room because they get more strict when it's obvious. However, if it's not, they are willing to look the other way.


11. Administration: Be kind and respectful and others will be kind and respectful to you. Usually if you're not being rude or obnoxious you won't get in trouble for things. The honor code is taken very seriously though but I've never found it to be troubling. It’s not asking you to be perfect. It's basically just asking you to be a good person and hopefully that's easy enough for most students here.


12. Campus Food: Honestly, the food is decent for a school this size. The Pit always has safe options like pasta, pizza, and sandwiches if all else fails and the food court in Benson is really convenient. My personal favorite is the new dining hall on North Campus, which is absolutely beautiful and has different food choices than the Pit.

校园饮食:坦白说,对这种规模的学校来说,这里的食物是很好的了。就算其他餐厅都不合你口味,Pit 餐厅里总是有很安全的食物选择,比如面食,披萨,以及三明治等,Benson 的就餐区域也真的超级方便。我个人最喜欢的是北校区新建的餐厅,环境优美,而且比Pit 餐厅那里还有更多的食物种类。

13.Campus Food: Dining halls have good food compared to most places. There are some healthy options but very limited still. The buffet system can be daunting. Fast food is never my favorite here and I wish there were more cultural, ethnic, or home-owned dining facilities.


14. Campus Housing: Each freshmen dorms has its pros and cons. For the smaller size rooms, there is more of a community while South, which is notorious for its giant room size and is the one that I was randomly selected to be in, can be a bit lonely at times. No matter what though, you learn to cope with the cons like making friends in Collins, Johnson, Bostwick, etc. or finding a creative room set up. The worst place to live, however, is Johnson basement because it is small and the oldest freshmen dorm room.

校园住宿:每个新生宿舍都有利有弊。小一点的宿舍,更有社区的感觉。而南校区那些大宿舍,我有时候会被安排在这里,它们房间比较大,所以会嘈杂纷乱,(当然有时候小宿舍也会有一点冷清。)不论如何,你得学着去适应那些不利的方面,就好像学着在Collins, Johnson, Bostwick等这些地方交朋友一样,或者为你的宿舍营造一个有创造性的环境。最糟糕的住宿地方是 Johnson的一层,因为那里空间很小,那也是新生最陈旧古老的宿舍。

15.Campus Housing: The dorm rooms are all on the older side except for the brand new dorm, South Hall, which opened last year. However, despite the older buildings the facilities are well kept up and very clean. The dorms range from being centered right on campus to being a little more removed so students can have the option after freshman year to decide where they want to live.


16. Health & Safety: I'm a girl and I have never felt unsafe on campus. Multiple times guys have offered to walk a group of my friends and me back from parties and they get us back to our dorms safely and then are on their way with no intentions other than just honestly making sure we are safe.


17. Guys & Girls: I seriously didn't think it was possible for this many beautiful people to all being in one place at one time. 90%+ of students at Wake could be considered attractive or better, it's incredible.


18. Transportation: There's a shuttle that takes you pretty much anywhere you would want to go. There's zipcars too, and cabs for trips to the airport. There's a campus black tie shuttle service for that too, but it's ridiculously expensive.

交通:有一个短程班车几乎可以带你去任何你想去的地方。还有 zipcar租车系统,还有出租车可以去往机场,校园黑班车也有那种服务,但贵的要命。

19. Transportation: Public transportation is really nonexistent. There is a campus shuttle which runs to limited areas downtown. Most people who leave campus travel via personal cars.


20. Local Area: Reynolda Village is a popular place for students to hang out and walk to, and it has lovely gardens and restaurants abound. There is also Hanes Mall and 2 Targets pretty close by so there's opportunities for students to get what they need, and the shuttle goes to them. Other than that and a few restaurants scattered about the area, unless you're 21 and can go to clubs and bars downtown, there's not that much to do in the surrounding area.


21. Local Area: I really love the town of Winston Salem, especially in the Autumn when the leaves are changing color. Although the leaves are breath-taking, Hanes Mall is AMAZING. There are many great places to shop and it’s just wonderful. There are also many things to do in Downtown Winston Salem, like festivals and local games which are fun to go to.














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