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文章摘要: 在美国西北大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了美国西北大学的留学体验,以供参考。


1.Academics: A lot of opportunities. It is not a trade school that just prepares you for a job. You learn how to think and become a well rounded person.


2.Academics: It is a great education but it also is what you make of it. Some majors are impossible while others are pretty easy. I was an average student in high school and I do fine here.


3.Academics: Northwestern academics are paralleled by very few institutions. High ranking programs include Journalism, Chemistry, Communications, Material Science, Education, Industrial Management and Engineering, Theatre/Music, and Economics, as well as the ISP and MMSS interdisciplinary programs. However, undergraduates are sometimes overlooked by the university in favor of the reputable Schools of Medicine, Law, and Management.

学术:很少有教育机构的学术水平能和西北大学的学术并驾齐驱的。排名很高的专业项目有新闻专业,化学专业,通信专业,材料科学专业,教育学专业,工业管理和工业工程专业,歌剧/音乐专业,经济学专业以及ISP(Integrated Science Program:整合科学项目)和MMSS(Mathematical Methods in Social Science社会科学中的数学方法)的跨科学专业。鉴于医学院,法学院和管理学院的颇有名望,有时候本科生会被学校忽视。

4.Academics: As both a History and Poli Sci major, the course offered are extremely diverse and there are many paths you can take without being confined to specific tracks. The workload is as expected in both major programs and I found it easy to transion to higher level classes without feeling overwhelmed after taking one intro class in each department. The professors are very helpful and willing to speak outside of class, but they also make the courses challenging enough that you're not bored during lectures.


5.Majors: Supposedly one of the best journalism programs in the country. Having said that, the industry has taken a beating since Medill's heyday and the quality of the students attracted to the major seems to have declined. I do have friends in very impressive media positions who graduated from this program, however.

专业:算得上是全国最好的新闻专业之一了!一直都在这么说,自从 Medill新闻学院的全盛时期开始,新闻产业开始有所衰落,慕名而来学习新闻学的学生的质量也有所下降。但我确实有一些在新闻界令人印象深刻的朋友,他们都是在这里的新闻专业毕业的。

6.Majors: The most difficult part of the admissions process is taking the GRE. The admissions staff at Northwestern allowed me to ask unlimited amount of questions in order to obtain a clear understanding of how to be admitted.


7.Majors: I love the curriculum and all the opportunities available to students on and off campus. Although the workload is pretty heavy and I spent a lot of my time trying to catch up in my classes, I think it's necessary.


8.Diversity: The diversity on campus is really great so you can find people you fit in with no matter what you views or sexual preferences are.


9.Diversity: We have a pretty diverse campus at Northwestern. While we could benefit from a more accurate stance on diversity from our school (i.e. fewer than 30% Jewish students, more than 5-7% African-American and Hispanic students), you're bound to have a friend who looks, acts and believes different things from you.


10.Diversity: Northwestern has a very diverse student body. In my suite, there are people from Maine, New Orleans, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Bejing, and Singapore. We all come from very different cultural backgrounds and love learning about each others' lives. Almost every ethnic group is represented as well as most religions (as evidenced by the diversity of student organizations). There is surprisingly quite a range of economic diversity, despite Northwestern's cost; there are kids from poor Chicago neighborhoods as well as kids of millionaires abroad. Yet everyone has common dreams, goals, and work ethics, making our community really great.


11.Administration: The campus strictness at my university is great. I find it to be great mostly because I go to school at Night and I do not need a permit to park anywhere after 4pm.


12.Administration: I feel pretty safe around campus because the police are always around. However, there are many underage drinkers that are drinking endlessly without anybody saying anything.


13.Athletics: Our traditional sports, like football and basketball, have had little success historically with the football team showing some above average seasons in the past decade. Many students still attend games and athletes are sort of in their own world here. Other sports Northwestern enjoys success in include women's lacrosse, as it is one of the most successful programs in the nation, M/W soccer, as well as tennis.


14.Campus Food: There are 6 major dining halls on campus, all of which are buffet-style but also have stations where you can order your own food from a set of options. NU cuisine was ranked #12 in the country, which says a lot. The hours are different between halls, so it is pretty easy to make meals fit into your schedule, except sometimes on weekends when most halls are closed. There are always vegetarian and Kosher options, plus hot cookie bar, which I can't explain the awesomeness of. Definitely good overall, but of course less exciting as the year goes on.


15.Campus Food: I could not be happier with the dining options. And, even if you didn't like the food (and I don't know why you wouldn't), there's the C-store where you can buy snacks and the occasional sushi.


16.Campus Housing: Depending on which dorm you get, your opinion can range on dorms. I live in Hinman and I think it's one of the better dorms with it's own dining hall, which makes a huge difference. But the likelihood of getting the dorm you want as a freshmen is very small.


17.Campus Housing: The proximity to classes, for me, makes campus housing so much easier to forgive it for its faults. I don't like being subject to the dining hall's schedule and menu, but it's better than paying money for food out of my own pocket every day. I love having friends all over the place in my dorm--it's a very tight-knit group, and it feels like one big family.


18.Health & Safety: The on-campus culture is very much alert and aware of sexual assault and rape. The part of Evanston Northwestern is in is very safe and surrounded by upscale lakefront real estate. Other parts of Evanston and some north neighborhoods of Chicago are over a mile away and for the most part, students feel safe on campus.


19. Transportation: Public transportation is pretty good around here. On-campus transportation isn't great, particularly in the extreme cold. The busses constantly run late and are easily over-packed


20. Local Area: I love living in a college town that is also super close to a big city because then you get the best of both worlds.


21.Local Area: I like Evanston. It’s cute. It’s pretty. People are generally friendly. There are plenty of places to eat and shop. It’s not huge, but Chicago is easy to get to (though not cheap always).














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