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文章摘要: 在佐治亚理工学院就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了佐治亚理工学院的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: Tech is a great school academically and offers great opportunities, but the workload and difficulty will consume your life.


2.Academics: There are so many research opportunities available to my major, as a student, you have to be active and talk to advisors to see what is available. ECE has free tutoring offered by students for students, great place to talk to people to see what teachers are good and which ones should be avoided.


3.Majors: Going to a #1 program in my field is extremely beneficial. Especially in my industry, Georgia Tech alumni are an extremely influential group, and I know that having this connection is invaluable when I graduate and begin working. Companies recruit very heavily on campus, and it is very easy for students to make connections with these employers. Classes are very demanding, though, and professors have varying levels of teaching ability at the undergraduate level, even if they may be at the top of their respective fields.


4.Majors: I haven't had to go through changing my majors, but I declared my major before I got to Georgia Tech. It doesn't really matter until sophomore year, but it gave me an understanding of what I need to do, what classes I need to take, and what opportunities are open to me because of my major. To anyone applying to Georgia Tech, have some idea of what you want to go into. Some majors have classes that won't transfer over so you will have to start from scratch. It isn't the end of the world to start credits over, but having an idea saves time.


5.Diversity: I've met so many people from way different backgrounds, and it's awesome. There are tons of students from all over the world and just to hear about their way of life is fascinating and really expands your horizons.


6.Athletics: Football games at Tech get pretty huge. Everyone is heavily immersed in the rivalry between Tech and UGA. It's really fun to go to games.


7.Athletics: Intramurals are great for those who want to get involved with sports they have never tried before. but there aren't as many options as I was expecting entering college. The CRC is a great facility and it has an indoor track and many basketball courts and of course the Olympic swimming pools. The smoothie bar is also great!

体育:对那些想在体育方面有所发展以前又没有尝试过的人来说,校内体育比赛肯定是很棒的机会!但是,还是没有我来学校时想象的那样有那么多的选择机会。CRC是一处很好的体育中心,有一个室内跑道,很多的篮球场地,当然,还有一个奥林匹克游泳池。Smoothie bar也是个很不错的地方。

8.Campus Food: The best part about the dining halls is the crazy hours they keep. North Ave would stay open until 2am during school nights for a majority of the year, and this was great for getting some last minute studying done while grabbing a cup of coffee at the same time. The dining hall staff is amazing though, the nicest part of the dining hall was having 24 hours of food options during dead week. This really helped when I couldn't shop for myself.

校园饮食:校园餐厅最好的是关于他们的疯狂时刻:一年中的大部分时候,北Ave餐厅会一直开放到凌晨2点。一直学习到最后几分钟后,再来一杯温暖的咖啡,这感觉真是棒极了。餐厅工作人员也都很好,在期末考试前的周末餐厅有24小时食物供应。这对我是很大的帮助,尤其是当我不能自己购物的时候。(备注:Dead week释义:Dead week is a slang term for the week before schools' final examinations in the United States of America。指的是在美国的期末考试前的周末。)

9.Guys & Girls: People are not as awkward as the rumors go! There are a lot of social events and between schoolwork and studying, people are always around having fun with their friends.


10.Guys & Girls: Great mix of intellectual energy and creativity.


11.Health & Safety: Georgia Tech does an outstanding job assuring the safety and trust of their student body.


12.Health & Safety: There is crime but the school is located within a large city. Most crime occurs off of campus, but within the range that they must report to students. Furthermore, crime is often the result of a student/individual not taking precautionary methods such as paying attention, avoiding practical safety measures. There is a system in place to increase safety and at any time a GT policeman/woman will escort the student to their destination if it is late. There is also a shuttle system that can be utilized from 6pm to 6am, the Stingerette to any location on campus.

健康安全:有犯罪现象,但是学校是在很大的市区里。多数犯罪现象是发生在校外,但是只要是在范围内的,学校都会给学生通报。而且,犯罪通常是学生自身的原因引起的——没有采取预警的措施,比如没有多留心,没采取有效的安全措施。有一个增强安全的安保措施,在任何时候,如果已经很晚了,佐治亚理工的校警都会把学生护送到目的地。学校也有班车系统,早六点到晚六点都在运营,可以从Stingerette (个人小巴接送服务)到校内的任何地方。

13.Administration: I like the strictness. I think it's fair and ensures the mass safety of students at our school.


14.Transportation: On campus transportation is great! Four different routes and a special night bus for those night owl working hard in the library. The Tech Trolley also drops you off from campus to MARTA, which is the city's subway system. MARTA isn't the best subway system because it doesn't take you EVERYWHERE, but it can drop you off in main parts of the city, including shopping malls and the airport.


15.Campus Quality: The athletic center is amazing. It was once used for the Olympics. The library sucks and is nasty in some areas but can be a good place to study because of the quiet zones. I like how the campus has many green spaces for students to use to hang out. The traditions, like the cake walk, are fun and should be enjoyed!


16.Local Area: It's Atlanta! There's always something going on and if there's a chance to get off campus then you should definitely try to!


17.Local Area: Many opportunities for social events and personal/professional development. A hub for industry and virtually any type of experience from theater, symphony, to NFL games, professional basketball, art exhibits, drinks/clubbing, etc.


18.Local Area: I'm from a small town, and one of the reasons I came to Georgia Tech was because it was in the middle of Atlanta. The transportation in Atlanta is the best, but the metro can get me to most areas. Piedmont Park is 2 miles away from campus, but I thought this was a nice walk through midtown. There are a couple of concert venues around, like The Tabernacle and The Fox Theatre, so there is always something going on.


19.Local Area: Atlanta is a growing city, with a very young population and a lot of opportunities for creative people. Georgia Tech is located right in the heart of the city, and is a great place to attend college, and also enjoy city life. There is dining, shopping, parks, nearly anything you could want nearby. There are local sports teams that are sometimes decent, and there is a good bit of cultural diversity inside the city. The largest problem with Georgia Tech is that it is not located in the safest area. On campus is safe, but off-campus grows dangerous very quickly.


20.Academics: Every program is a tough workload, but you can modify it to your needs. Tech is really challenging, but if you survive and get out of Tech, you will be awesome.


21.Academics: Oh lord. If I had the time to tell you how hard the academics were at this school, I could spend all day. However, it is because the workload is so large and the curriculum is so difficult that students can leave and go anywhere in the world actually being knowledgeable on the topics they studied here. There are so many opportunities to succeed that you can't blame anyone except yourself on failure.















佐治亚理工学院(Georgia Institute of Technology)






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