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文章摘要: 在伊利诺伊大学香槟校区就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了伊利诺伊大学香槟校区的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: The professors are fantastic. Every professor I've had has very clearly enjoyed their job, and they really get into the lectures. The TAs are also generally as good as the professors, and often if I misunderstand something the professor teaches, I can go to a TA for easy clarification.


2.Academics: The Classics department is fun. The undergrad workload seems to be fitting and isn't too challenging. It is quite enjoyable and so small that most people know each other. Also, upper levels are small and are lead by the professor and upper levels are mixed with graduate students.


3.Academics: UIUC is a highly renowned university for its academics. I take pride in being able to study here because it is rigorous. Academics are what I expected and the professors I have had in my classes have all offered their help and counsel.


4.Majors: My civil engineering major is probably the best experience I could have ever hoped for. The entire engineering college is very helpful and enriching. The facilities are top notch, and I am very confident for a future job with a degree from this fantastic school. The workload is sometimes difficult, but it is well worth the challenge.


5.Majors: I loved my major, but I wish I had gotten more involved at an earlier point. I did not really discover all that Global Studies had to offer in the realm of classes, cultural activities, events, speakers, and internships until my last year. But the classes are excellent for the most part with many talented and quality professors and also very varied in their content.


6.Diversity: The most diverse place I have been in. You'll find anyone from many tastes and styles.


7.Diversity: The diversity on my campus is great because we have a large number of international students. That provides for many different points of view on topics and helps us to learn to be more accepting.


8.Athletics: University of Illinois students and alumni have a lot of school spirit, and are very proud of the school's accomplishments. I am dorming close to the football stadium, and every game day the parking lot is filled with excited fans, tailgating and cheering for the Fighting Illini. The athletic facilities are top notch, and it motivates me more to go to the gym. I wouldn't mind paying $30,000 for tuition here if it means I get to go to the gyms as often as I want for free.


9.Administration: It's important you know you have to self-guide and get as much information on your own as possible. There are a lot of academic and social resources here. You just have to seek them out yourself. You can do this by signing up for newsletters, joining clubs, etc. For academics, for example, I was required to meet once a semester with my adviser. However, I was responsible for bringing up all the questions I had or making additional appointments if I felt like I wanted more.


10.Campus Food: Campus food is actually really good. If you live in University housing you can use credits/meals at any dorm on campus and they are all very different. PAR has probably the best food while the Ike has the most variety. However, there is something to be said for Busey given that you are able to get free coffee with every swipe and they have some of the best cookies!


11.Campus Housing: Campus housing is really what you make of it. There are plenty of dorms known as the "party" dorms and others that are known to be quieter. There are also a lot of specialty housing for those who are in honors or want to share housing with others that have a similar interest.


12.Health & Safety: They have this thing called safe rides and safe walks so if in the middle of the night and you need to get home, you can call them to escort you home, all for free.

健康安全:他们有“safe rides and safe walks ”两种安全护送模式,所以,如果你在半夜里需要赶回家的话,你可以申请这两种服务,让他们护送你回家,这都是免费的。

13.Health & Safety: While campus crime has been on the rise in recent years, my experience here has been nothing but safe. I have never been scared to walk down the street at night, nor have felt like any of my belonging in my dorm room have ever been in danger of theft. The campus police force is extremely present, which makes you feel very safe if you are walking around by yourself.


14.Guys & Girls: Most of the girls I see on campus are fairly attractive and, as far as I can tell, dress fashionably. I don't know about the guys though, as I'm a straight guy.


15.Guys & Girls: Guys and girls come in all different packages. For the most part, if you were to be walking down the street looking for directions or advice, every student would make an effort to welcome and assist you.


16.Transportation: Transportation at UIUC is never an issue. Your Icard gives you access to all MTD buses. MTD buses run all over campus and also to popular offcampus places like the mall, walmart, movie theatre etc. A lot of people also have cars so getting to less popular places, like the corn maze, is fairly easy as well. Most students walk or bike to classes. UIUC is one of the most bike friendly colleges and there are many bike racks and bike lanes. Walking is also easy as most places are within a 15 min walk and there aren't any sketchy areas you would have to walk by.


17.Drug Safety: I have not seen any one drink or use drugs on campus.


18.Local Area: The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign does the best it can, being surrounded by endless cornfields. They have a superb bus system that is easily accessible to students without cars, and it makes the campus less intimidating in size. In terms of scenery, U of I has the most beautiful quad I have ever seen. It is always perfectly groomed, and provides a beautiful, refreshing sight to walk out to after a long lecture in the intricate Foelinger Auditorium. I am in love with my school, and all it has to offer.


19.Academics: As an engineering student academics are incredible, world renowned professors and excellent lab equipment.


20.Academics: Computer engineering is difficult but has amazing faculty and students.


21.Academics: The faculty in the College of ACES are amazing. We are like a very close-knit family.

学术:农学、消费学和环境学院(College of Agriculture, Consumer, Environmental Science)的教职员工很棒。我们就像一个联系紧密的大家庭。




















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