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文章摘要: 在达特茅斯学院Dartmouth College就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了达特茅斯学院的留学体验,以供参考。

1. Academics: Top-notch school with fantastic academics! Students are smart and driven. Great professors, programs, and lots of opportunities for research. Strong focus on undergrads!


2. Academics: Great study-abroad program in New Zealand for Anthropology majors. Amazing faculty and programs in all departments. Tons of internship and job opportunities - students are highly sought after by employers!


3. Academics: I couldn't be more impressed. The US News #1 undergrad teaching ranking seems accurate. The profs I have had have been incredibly smart, articulate, and passionate, and are often leaders in their fields. The library is great - very modern and plenty of space to study. The workload is tough but manageable; it definitely forces you to be careful with your time management.

学术: 这里绝对让我印象深刻。“美国新闻”宣称的“本科教育排名第一”的说法确实实至名归。我的教授都非常睿智,授课清晰流畅,并且激情无限,他们通常都是他们研究领域的佼佼者。图书馆也很棒,有很现代化的设施,藏书丰富有很多空间可以学习。学习压力很大但是可以掌控的住,那得需要你很好地规划自己的时间。

4. Majors: I had a full-time internship this summer at a hospital research center that was unpaid but Dartmouth gave me a stipend to cover living expenses and food and I still had a couple thousand left over to save. I felt very prepared for the internship because of my classes at Dartmouth. I was able to do an independent project and write a paper to publish in a scientific journal.


5.Majors: Economics is one of the most popular majors are Dartmouth, it’s very good for job opportunities but also very competitive in that aspect. Workload depends on the class really, but generally it’s pretty rigorous.


6. Diversity: Lot of different people from different backgrounds, with different beliefs and experiences. Do a great job of sharing with each other and they learn a lot from interacting.


7. Diversity: There are roughly 10% international students, in addition to a wide variety of students from within the United States. The freshman room draw provides a great opportunity to experience something other than what you are used to. My roommate's family comes from Nigeria and as such he was very different then me. I was able to learn so much about the manners in which our upbringings were starkly different and yet in other areas quite similar, an experience I really value.


8. Campus Food: There is definitely a great variety of food if you know where to look! Foco, for example, may be the most expensive of the campus's dining options, but it's totally worth it. There are separate sections for people who are vegetarians or allergic to gluten and a huge salad bar. Every week, the cooks also prepare different special recipes from around the world! But if the amount of different food and drink is too overwhelming for you, there's always pizza haha. And, of course, the dessert bar. Overall, even if some days it is a little lacking, Foco is awesome and the food is delicious. The Hopkins Cafe is a great place as well with a nice atmosphere. I say that mostly because it is in the Hopkins Center so there are a lot of cool shows going on that you should totally watch if you have the time and money. It's more quiet than Foco too so if you and your friends just want to chat for a bit, you should hang out there. Among other things, the cafe is also good for stocking up on snacks! There is stuff like candy, trail mix, dried fruit, whatever you want. If you're willing to walk a bit, you can also go to East Wheelock's snack bar too, which opens late into the night in case anyone ever wants a midnight snack.

校园食物:如果你知道去哪里找的话,这里有各种风味的美食!比如,Foco或许是校园里最贵的食物,但绝对是物有所值!有不同的进食区域针对素食者,对面筋过敏者等等,还有一个很大沙拉吧。每周,厨师都会准备世界各地的菜品。但是如果这各种各样的食品饮品让你不知如何选择的话,这里还有披萨!哈哈,当然,还有甜品吧。总之,尽管有时候会有菜品不足,但是Foco还是超级好,食品一流的餐厅。霍普金斯咖啡厅也是很不错的地方,气氛很优雅。之所以这么说,是因为咖啡厅是位于霍普金斯中心,所以那里会有很多很棒的演出,如果你有钱又有时间的话,你一定要看一看的。它比Foco更安静,所以如果你只是想和朋友聊一聊的话,可以去那里。除此之外,那里的咖啡也不错,有很多小吃。那有糖果,有干果,风干的水果,等等各种你想的到的东西。如果你想走一走,你也可以去East Wheelock's小吃吧,那里一直到营业到夜里,以便有人想要吃夜宵的话。

9.Campus Housing: Freshman housing is universally pretty great--much better than dorms I've seen at other colleges.


10.Campus Housing: I loved my dorms on campus! They were fairly spacious and in close proximity to classes and the dining halls. It was nice to have your own space on campus, though the housing process to get a "good" dorm was sometimes stressful.


11.Athletics: Athletes are a large part of my social circle and basically is my family away from home. The team and my coaches are my family at Dartmouth.


12. Athletics: For a school focused on the academics, Dartmouth doesn't fall short in the athletic department either. Our varsity teams, such as football and both soccer teams, compete every year, and most events are attended by a decent number of students. Club and intramural sports are very popular; almost every student is involved in some sort of sport or physical activity.


13. Health & Safety: There are always members of safety and security around campus. I always feel safe, regardless of the time of day.


14. Drug Safety: The COLLEGE is great about this. Dangerous drinking is limited, especially with recent policies. Hanover Police (H-Po) over-zealously enforces alcohol policies though.


15.Guys & Girls: Guys and girls are both very attractive, athletic, smart, outgoing, and friendly!


16.Guys & Girls: I think the girls on campus are all very pretty, and they are certainly all very smart and usually able to carry out very interesting conversations. All girls are pretty athletic, and there seems to be a range in attire from preppy to really athletic.


17.Local Area: Absolutely amazing scenery! Mountains, river, open green spaces, forests, stars everywhere, and beautiful leaf colors in the fall!!


18.Transportation: When you want transportation, it's there (a shuttle around campus and to a neighboring shopping center), but the campus is so small that everything you need is generally within a 20 minute walk. The transportation, the airport, a bus, seems expensive but is convenient.


19. Overall Experience: Although Dartmouth has its problem, I've had an amazing time. I've grown as a person in so many respects, learned so much about my field, and have had the opportunity to study abroad twice.


20. Local Area: I love the small town college feel with Hanover residents part of the college scene. I love the way 70 years olds, golden retrievers, and young families with baby strollers all are seen walking the streets of Hanover wearing Dartmouth gear. Love, love love it here!










达特茅斯学院(Dartmouth College)





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