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【携尔留学】在明尼苏达大学U of M就读是怎样一番体验

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文章摘要: 在University of Minnesota- Twin Cities明尼苏达大学就读是怎样一番体验,【携尔留学】给大家翻译整理了明尼苏达大学的留学体验,以供参考。

1.Academics: I am in the College of Biological Sciences. As of now, I am going for Biology. It is only my first year, so I can't say too much yet, but I think the program here is excellent. This second semester the workload seems to be pretty heavy, but it is manageable. Everything is manageable if you have good time management skills.


2.Academics: The classes for my major are small, with limited spots so that students can have time to talk with their professor. It makes it nice especially when you're having a hard time in the class. Workload is good (except when class assignments overlap, then it can be a bit much). Professors are good, and really want their students to understand what is going on in class. Advisors, and professors are also very open, and are willing to help with internships, and job finding.


3.Academics: I find the work loads to be just the right amount- you shouldn't feel overwhelmed but also should be aware you are in college and have to apply yourself, and I think UMN does a good job of that. It is a research school and thus some professors are better at doing that rather than teaching, but others are some of the best professors I've ever had. School of Nursing and Business are the two most competitive colleges within the U and the rest are fairly average.


4.Majors: There is seriously ever program and every major/minor imaginable. Not many schools can say that they have law schools, dentistry schools, nursing programs, med schools, vet program, business schools, etc. And those are just the professional programs. The U of M has hundreds of majors and minors to choose from that if you cant decide, you can just switch to another one. It’s as simple as that. There is definitely a competitiveness to get admitted into you degree and to stay there, but once you do its great.


5.Majors: I am in the College of Biological Sciences. It's a great college here at the University. I would say it is the second or third toughest to get into. It is a smaller college and you can tell. There is a great sense of community and you become really close to your fellow classmates. The professors are awesome and they truly care about what they love.


6.Diversity: Tons of people of all backgrounds. It is a very liberal campus, but there are definitely church groups and conservative student groups and no hate if you aren't - no matter what you believe, just don't shove you're beliefs in others faces and you'll be accepted just fine.


7.Diversity: There are a lot of international students but when I look around in most of my classes I just see a sea of white people.


8.Athletics: How much better could they be? They built a new building in the early 90s, then they built a new one last year! Both facilities are very up to date and connected, so its like one huge recreational center. The only critique would be we are in need of more squat bars.


9.Athletics: There is a great atmosphere at the men's football, basketball and hockey games but there is not much support for the other sports.


10.Campus Food: Not as good as my mom's home cooked meals but still satisfactory. Also if you don't like the meal they're serving that day, I can just walk to a restaurant or fast-food place close by, and I have many options.


11.Administration: In the dorms, you get a citation/warning if you deserve it. If you are dumb and keep all of your bottles of smirnoff and captain morgan out for the world to see... then you will get in trouble. If you are like a normal person who tries to remotely lay low and not walk around the halls with beer cans in hand then you will be fine. The cops/security officers only want to make sure that everyone is safe. The crime on campus is more of their concern since muggings occur a lot at night on the weekends.


12.Drug Safety: people I have met at the University of Minnesota never pressured me into drink or doing drugs. I have never done drugs in my whole life, and there is not a person who made a negative comment about that. I think it depends on who you know. If you are hanging with the wrong crowd then the story might have been different. But I try to stay far away from those type of students so never had a problem with drinking or drugs. Choose a good crowd and you should be fine.


13.Health & Safety: Prior to attending the school each student is required to take online courses to prevent drinking and making bad decisions, and about sexual aware and what is consent and what is not. Boynton health services also has a very safe environment for those who have been damaged.


14.Guys & Girls: Most people at my school dress casually and for the weather. There are a lot of Asian students on campus. Most students are interested in sports.


15.Campus Housing: The dorms are exactly what you'd expect dorms to be. Relatively small, but quaint. I wish I would have appreciated more that there was a janitorial staff who would clean the hallways, common rooms, bathrooms, etc. every day so that none of the residents had to. Now that i am in my own apartment i miss those things. The food is exactly what you'd expect it to be to, like cafeteria food. EXCEPT 17th avenue dining hall is seriously heaven sent. In comparison with the other dining halls you will be amazed. They make everything right in front of you, super fresh, the whole building is brand new and looks amazing. 1,000 times better than any of the other dining halls.


16.Local Area: Not only do you have one great city to explore, but you have two. St. Paul and Minneapolis have literally everything. There are dozens of other universities and colleges to interact with. Tons of clubs, bars, restaurants, malls, museums, parks, sports teams, schools, and everything between. It's pretty hard to be bored. The phrase "Minnesota Nice" is so true and you feel it the minute you arrive here. Its one of the contributing factors why i decided to enroll.


17.Local Area: In the city where my college is located, there are so many attractions to do. From parks and theaters to sporting events and one-of-a-kind restaurants, there is never a time when there is nothing to do. Local attitude toward students is really good and welcoming.


18.Local Area: I can't tell you how great the Minneapolis area is. There is ALWAYS something to do... whether it be on campus or in the city. It is super easy to get to downtown, the Mall of America, and so many other areas. The light rail is easy and cheap. I've gone to a couple of Timberwolves. I've gone downtown for food. I've walked to the Stone Arch Bridge. The options are ENDLESS! That's only Minneapolis, people! St. Paul is right nearby too. There's everything. I don't know how someone couldn't fall in love with the Twin Cities.


19.Overall Experience: I love going to the University of Minnesota. It is a great, accepting community that is full of a diverse range of people. I've had a wide range of professors and they have all been approachable, many are even enjoyable. Overall, the people are so friendly. My courses have been a nice transition from high school to college. Just talk to your advisor about making the right choices. There is a wide variety of courses offered. most of my classes have been non-lecture style with a classroom size of around 30 people. Your classroom style will depend on which building it is in, some are more technology based while others are more old-fashioned.


20.Overall Experience: The University of Minnesota has so many options for any type of person. Each year new majors/minors are added, making it possible for anyone to pick the major that they want. Some majors require an internship which will help give you experience. If it doesn't, there are still many opportunities to find a job/internship, all you need to do is look around. The career center is fantastic and will help you make those decisions. A degree from the University of Minnesota is one that will help you get a job, no problem.



















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